Australian State Government depression or abuse scandal of Councilors election fund

  March 21, according to Australian news report, recently, the Australian Victorian government into scandal。
A survey of Victorian Ombudsman pointed out that the government had 21 members during the 2014 state elections, the abuse of more than A $ 380,000 (about 1.85 million yuan) parliamentary funds。
  Local time on March 21, Victoria Ombudsman Deborah Glass (DeborahGlass) published a report has been investigating for several years, the report allows the State Government into the vortex of public opinion。 The report notes that in 2014 state elections, including the current 11 members still serving a total of 21 Victorian Labor MP contrary to parliamentary guidelines, abuse of parliamentary Wan Australian dollar fund。   Glass pointed out that, on the eve of the 2014 Victorian election, Labor MP has organized an event for the recruitment and deployment of full-time field organizers of the election, 21 voters were hired as part-time election officials, parliament and withdraw funds from the Wan Australian dollar as an individual commission。   Glass said there is evidence that, in arranging the schedule and sign the lawmakers that the move is legal, because they are led to the approval of a joint venture arrangement。 Although they have little or no personal gain from winning parliamentary funds, but 21 members still in violation of the guidelines for Parliament。