Deutsche Bank: the US economy remains strong intrinsic motivation

US stock market center: Exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, warrants night network real-time quotes, nightlife network Finance YORK, April 29 news, the US economic slowdown in recent months, economic data is less than the full market We expected, such as the US Conference Board on Tuesday announced the April consumer confidence index from the previous month's 101.3 dropped to 95.2, far below the 102.5 market expectations。It also makes the dollar on Tuesday continued to adjust the trend since mid-March and hit a new low adjustment。As of Wednesday afternoon Beijing time 16:15, the dollar index was at 96.01, compared with 100 the highest point in mid-March.39 fell 4.36%。But Deutsche Bank (Deutsche Bank) economists point out that the US economic slowdown partly the result of some temporary factors, the internal power remains strong。  Deutsche Bank said in a report, the US first quarter of disappointing macro data, there is a general weakness in economic sectors, although the labor market flexibility is good, although the March payrolls report fell short of expectations。  The entire first quarter, major institutions have been lowered forecast US GDP value, but still faces the risk of further downward。Atlanta Fed model based on GDP, the current US economic growth close to stagnation, while other models show economic growth nearly 1%。  Deutsche Bank economists believe the slowdown partly caused by some temporary factors, such as weather factors, such as the West Coast port workers strike, the next could "compensate"。However, there are some factors that could last longer, such as the impact on the energy industry and other capital expenditures and employment impact of the dollar on exports and overseas corporate profits, lower oil prices。  Nevertheless, Deutsche Bank believe the US economic fundamentals remain strong, the bottoming out, mainly on the grounds that the US savings rate and rising real wages will benefit consumer spending and the housing market。  Coupled with US core inflation (ie excluding food and energy, consumer price index) held firm, reducing the downside risks to inflation, Deutsche Bank is expected to raise interest rates in 2015 Fed obstacles of small and September is the most likely point rate hike。Deutsche Bank said in a report: "The Fed sent a strong signal interest rates will be。"Wednesday (Beijing time Thursday morning) the Fed will announce the latest policy statement, despite the Fed's March meeting has made clear that April is impossible to raise interest rates, but investors can still get more information from the Fed's assessment of the economy to determine in the end the Fed tends to raise interest rates as soon as possible or postponed。  From the current market pricing point of view, due to the continuous weakness in US economic data, investors expect the Fed to raise interest rates for the first time in December。Deutsche Bank believes that the market price is too modest。(Shofu compilation)