Deschamps played metaphysics!The midfielder also won miraculous grid Boge Ba as his all-important

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night Sports Network June 16 reported: the race to 80 minutes, the score was 1-1, this time if you are Didier Deschamps will replace Le Maer?Asked Wan?But Deschamps brain circuits different from us, he put on a midfielder to strengthen the attack Matuyidi。France is also very disappointing, scoring immediately after the substitution, this substitution Deschamps also quite Zidane's "metaphysics" of the wind。Antecedent Review: Deschamps: Gerry Postman is not a French spiritual leader of another person who is more suitable Matuyidi become the most trusted Deschamps at the crucial moment, perhaps fans will be surprised。But a few days ago, Deschamps when participating in sports sauna night network talk show special "Giants Room" once it comes to the arm of the love: "Gerry Postman is the technology leader of the team。For poor people express, no need to ask him to use language to inspire others, like a technology leader and others field。Do leaders must first have the qualifications and experience, young people are unlikely to have this effect。Matuyidi is such a spiritual leader, he will lead you with passion。"Gerry Postman Matuyidi Although not as well known, but in the locker room is definitely the authority of France。Currently, the Jagged midfielder played a total of 68 times for the French senior team, 55 times higher than Gerry Postman。A wealth of experience in international competition but also to Matuyidi by reuse, although the goal has nothing to do with him, but Deschamps will continue to trust the next inevitable rather "metaphysics" style will love。