The abdomen small way how to lose weight thin belly

Abdomen is inseparable from the body to lose weight, therefore, control the total calorie intake is quite necessary。 Eat more fruits and vegetables is not only easy to produce satiety, but also help reduce the desire to eat dessert。
In addition, eat foods rich in fiber, can effectively treat constipation, but constipation is one of the culprits of the long belly bulge。
Drink plenty of water, drink carbonated beverages get up, drink a glass of water, light honey water or water mixed with cellulose, can promote gastrointestinal motility, the body of waste metabolites excreted, reducing the opportunities for small pot appear。
Normal person consumes an average of 2000-2500ml of water a day to replenish moisture to the body。
In rapid succession, but do not drink too much water, or due to osmosis, dilute the blood, resulting in decreased oxygen and nutrients contained in the blood concentration。
In addition, try to drink less soda and drinks with high sugar content。
Away from alcohol Whether it is beer, cocktails, liquor, or other forms of alcoholic beverages is likely to be the main culprits causing abdominal fat long。
Although wine does not contain fat, but high。
Alcoholic drinks a cup of 200 ml, contained heat to 100 kcal scooter。
In addition, the reception to improve the body's cortisol levels, and cortisol hormone causes the abdomen to store more fat。
Eat less fat to lose weight if you are worrying about, you should eat less fat。 More attention to diet to lose weight, in peacetime, eating less high fat, choose a higher protein and less fat poultry and fish, it is conducive to weight loss。
The back straight and upright sitting abdominal weight loss how to correct posture, abdomen and chest, can save one accumulate fat in the abdomen。 Therefore, at any time to remind ourselves chest, abdomen, straight waist, even if it does not always hold, verses and do, can make you lose 2 pounds or more fat from the belly。
Coarse salt diet of coarse salt the role of sweat, it can rid their bodies of waste and excess water, promote metabolism, can also soften the dirt, add salt and minerals, the skin delicate, tight。 Before each bath, take a cup of coarse salt with a little hot water mixed into a paste, then spread it on the abdomen。 After 10 minutes, rinse with hot water to coarse salt, you can then wash away, then you can begin a bath。
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