Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai: US punitive tariffs on China will fight back

  Chinese Ambassador to the United States Trump warned that China will fight back to China tariff measures announced by the US president, saying the US middle class will pay the price。
  "We do not want to fight a trade war," Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai at the Embassy Facebook page posted a video of his speech said, "but we are not afraid of a trade war。
"Trump directed the US Trade Representative RobertLighthizer at least 50 billion impose tariffs on Chinese goods, the United States accused China of intellectual property rights infringement。 Trump at the White House on Thursday signed a memorandum of administration。 US Trade Representative's office will present a list of products tariffs in 15 days。   Cui said that intellectual property infringement allegations "baseless" Chinese "would fight back and retaliate。
If you want to play powerful, China will fight to see who is more durable。 "Cui said Trump's trade sanctions on China 'makes no economic sense', because the escalation of the conflict" will affect the daily lives of the American middle-class people, the US company's performance and the performance of financial markets。 "Chinese Embassy in Washington issued a written statement saying that China does not want to fight a trade war, but not afraid of a trade war, have the confidence and ability to cope with any challenge。
  If the United States insists fight, we will fight in the end, and to take all necessary measures to defend their legitimate rights and interests resolutely。 US move will also be "shooting itself in the foot" directly harm US consumers, companies and the interests of financial market stability will have a negative impact on international trade and the world economic order。
  US insistence on advancing the investigation and published the so-called rule 301, which is typical of unilateral trade protectionism, the Chinese side is strongly dissatisfied and resolutely opposed。   We hope that the US stop doing, careful decision-making, not to Sino-US bilateral economic and trade relations dragged into the woods, in order to avoid damage from human purpose, to others the end result。