US gasoline inventories fell sharply push crude oil futures ended higher

Tencent securities FRANCISCO, March 15 morning news, according to US financial website MarketWatch reported that crude oil futures prices rose on Wednesday, because gasoline futures prices due to the sharp decline in US gasoline inventories rose sharply, offsetting crude oil inventories rose more than expected brought pressure。
New York Mercantile Exchange, April delivery of West Texas Intermediate crude oil (WTI) futures rose 25 cents to close at $ a barrel, or%。 Prior to a trading day of the contract was briefly rose above US $ 62 a barrel, but then it turned down because the US president Donald Trump (Donald Trump) expelled the Secretary of State Stiller Lake Forest (RexTillerson after), the market believes Iran nuclear deal at risk。
Meanwhile, on London's ICE Futures Europe May delivery price of North Sea Brent crude oil futures also rose 25 cents Wednesday to close at $ a barrel, or%。
US Energy Information Administration (EIA) announced earlier on Wednesday reported that as of March 9 the week to 500 million barrels of crude oil inventories increased。 In contrast, according to S & P Global Platts Company (S & PGlobalPlatts) survey, analysts on average had expected the weekly crude oil inventories increased 2.5 million barrels, while the American Petroleum Institute (API) on Tuesday, the report showed crude oil inventories increased by nearly 120 weeks million barrels。
In addition, the report also showed US gasoline inventories fell last week, 630 million barrels, distillates (including diesel and heating oil) inventories decreased by 4.4 million barrels, compared with the S & P Global Platts survey shows that analysts on average expected the company the 50 barrels of gasoline inventories reduced, distillate stocks fell by 1.6 million barrels。
WTRGEconomics energy economist James Williams (JamesWilliams) pointed out: "In the refinery capacity utilization rose by 2% to 90% of the situation, stocks of petroleum products fell sharply。 Effects of upward pressure on gasoline and diesel prices may face overwhelming bearish crude oil inventory data brought: "Soon after the report was released he was still above imply"。
"In addition, the Energy Information Administration report also showed that, as of March 9 the week to increase crude oil production in million barrels / day, to million barrels / day。
At the same time, in a monthly report released Wednesday, OPEC cut its 2018 output forecast 2018 non-OPEC oil producers increase by 28 million barrels / day。 OPEC now expects crude oil supply from non-OPEC oil-producing countries will increase by 166 million barrels / day in the year。 At the same time, OPEC forecast global oil demand this year will grow by 1.6 million barrels / day。 According to OPEC citing independent data show that in February the total output of the organization's 14 member countries reduced by about million barrels / day, still held steady at 3220 million barrels / day。
In other energy trading New York Mercantile Exchange, April delivery RBOB gasoline futures rose 2 percent, to close at US dollars per gallon; April delivery heating oil futures rose%, to close at US dollars per gallon; 4 natural gas futures for March delivery fell cents to close at US dollars per million British thermal units, down 2%。 US Energy Information Administration will be announced on Thursday last week of natural gas inventory report。