The Fed announced the increase of the federal funds rate is expected to raise interest rates three times this year

(Original title: Fed's first rate hike this year) Xinhua News Agency, Washington, March 21 – US Federal Reserve Board announced Wednesday the federal funds rate target range by 25 basis points to% to% level。
This is the first time since the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates this year, in line with market expectations。
Federal Reserve monetary policy after the end of the day regular meeting issued a statement saying, in recent months, the US economic outlook has improved, the Fed raise interest rates further contribute to moderate economic growth, employment market remains robust。
Statement, the Fed believes the next few months inflation will rise and reach the Fed's 2% target in the medium term。
But the Fed stressed that the trend will continue to pay close attention to inflation。
The Fed's economic forecast published today quarter showed that Fed officials still expected to raise interest rates three times this year, in line with last December's forecast。
Fed officials are expected in 2019 and 2020 respectively, will raise interest rates three times and two times, compared with last December's forecast has accelerated。
The Fed also raised its economic growth forecast this year and next, while further down the unemployment rate expected to show faith in the US economic outlook。 The Fed expects US economic growth this year and next to% and% respectively, were raised percent and percentage points over last December's forecast。 By the end of 2018, the US unemployment rate will fall to% less than in December last year predicted value per cent; by the end of 2019, the unemployment rate will be further reduced%, well below the long-term a reasonable level%。