Yao Dao said the little master will not return!He says he can come back all the media hype

  Beijing March 22, according to US media reports, the Spurs headed star test Wye – Leonard's comeback time delay undecided while the old Yao Dao Ginobili had abandoned the test Wye will return this season idea。
  Spurs today a family photo shoot, test Wye – Leonard were also present。   "Yes, it is simply a face to face fight。 "Manu said of the Wye test," Glad to see him。 "So far this season, test Wye injury played only nine games。
After the news, this month will test the Wye comeback, even he himself said so to say, but so far, still no test Wye back in the news。
  After the Spurs family portrait is taken, Ginobili said he has given up test will Wye comeback this season idea。
  "He will not come back。 "Manu said," in my opinion, he will not come back this year because he could not even bring back help。
A week ago, we also believe that (he will return), I guess you media would have us believe。 But we have to be prepared that he will not comeback。
We must continue to work in the absence of his situation。 This does not change。
"According to the San Antonio Spurs point guard Mills said the test Wye clearly told his teammates, from the perspective of injury rehabilitation and avoid injury, he can control himself well, and he is making every effort to return。   "We believe him, but all mentality has not changed, because as we said before, we must look forward。
"Mills said," we have reached this season very critical point in time, we need to get over it。