Women's Health will know intimate knowledge Know

Women's health must know what knowledge we now more and more attention to their health, and more attention from health to some common sense, great for private health knowledge I am afraid that many people are not yet clear。 Following small for everyone to bring women's health will know to look at private knowledge you Know!A women's health will know, not every day use pads have a lot of pad brands are playing "thin, breathable," the ad, but not cotton texture, and can someone do a lot of pad replacement in a day, as long as the period of time pad began to become wet, bacteria will breed。 So long as increased vaginal discharge and menstruation has not completely clean in the days before menstruation with a pad on the line, but also to handling change。
Second, do not store in the bathroom sanitary napkins Many women have the habit of sanitary napkins stored in the bathroom, but in fact the bathroom is generally more humid, not too airy, and although there is a layer of protective paper napkins, but there are still many gaps exist, it is easy to mold invasion, sanitary napkins will be contaminated。
Third, sleep bra off women's health must know some women worry about sagging breasts, all with in 24 hours, so from now on take it off to sleep quickly, because sleep, the body will continue to move, and you also wearing, it would be suppressed so that the chest is not conducive to the blood circulation。
But after take off bra, if positional, you can hand the breast from the back forward, and the fat will prevent positional pushed back。