China Lucky was still continuing large order to sell now over 1.9 million single-hand closure

April 6 news, suffered continuous large order to sell, there are still over 1.9 million single-hand closure。  Economic Report: China Fortune Xiong County Park Investment insider sudden male An District, and perhaps make China Fortune is planning to operate the local industrial town (600340.SH) was mixed feelings。  By 2015, China had a happy and safe New Xiong Xiong County under the jurisdiction of the government signed a "cooperative development and construction of the overall business cooperation agreement Xiong County, Hebei Province," China Fortune latter commissioned to create an area of about 181.2 square kilometers industrial town。  According to its 2016 annual report disclosed that as of end of last year, Xiong County Park admission enterprises have signed four, contracted investment of 1.5 billion yuan。  April 2nd, 21st Century Business Herald reporter went to investigate Xiong County, Hebei, and this industrial town to create a label listed companies and investment in planning the details of the local development zone has gradually emerged。Today, after the planning body will usher in what amount of change in the situation, still full of uncertainties。  It is worth mentioning that the reporters April 5 as a business call China Fortune Xiong County Park Investment Information, the person said investment is still in progress。  Merchants still in front of male New security release, Xiong County Industrial Park, China Fortune had been a complete plan。  21st Century Business Herald reporter learned from people close to China happiness, happiness China Xiong County Park was on industrial development strategy, formulated the "enhanced scale manufacturing industry, leading breakthrough investment projects; to improve the ability to undertake the project, the project ground to help scale" development thinking。  The people close to China Fortune sources, the proposed scope of investment in the industry Xiong County Park originally selected include: 5 enterprises form the industrial park, including the power grid, environmental protection, intelligent manufacturing, covers an area of 1109 acres; three new materials enterprises to form high molecular new materials industrial park, including environmental protection, medical, transportation equipment, covers an area of 831 acres, and a number of electricity providers, enterprises form + electricity supplier hatch port, an area of about 6000 level。  It is worth mentioning that a display promotional material, high-end equipment development zone has signed settled in Beijing and other companies Sea sky。  The people close to China Fortune sources, in the middle of the floor on the eve of the New Ann male March, high-end equipment investment work industrial park and new polymer materials industrial park is still normal, and even Hong Kong electricity business incubator is in the "completed" state。  April 5, 21 Century Business Herald reporter to the identity of the proposed joint venture and call Xiong County Park Merchants who asked when the current progress of investment, the person said investment work is still in progress, and said that reporters can provide corporate materials。  But also as China Fortune bulletin called "development and construction has not yet been" state。Reporters found that 831 acres of industrial park polymer base its planning is still farmland and wasteland, the main site is covered with trees, crops and high-voltage lines。But China Fortune had investment commitments in March, you can get land targets within the project signed six months。  The process of recommendation, China Merchants have said that happiness has a low-cost advantage of local Xiong County。After comparing 600,000 / acre Guan 28 million / acre of Bazhou and 450,000 / acre Renqiu pointed out that Xiong County land only 20 million / acre。Therefore, the access threshold above the proposed investment, including investment per acre higher than 300 million, and tax needs more than 20 yuan / mu。  In addition, depending on the amount of contracted investment, tax contribution, that high-tech and other factors, enterprises in the park can also enjoy the 50,000 yuan -20 million an acre of land bonus offers, in addition if state-level high-tech enterprises, will also give local Anu is 5-20 million related to cash awards of $。This means that in the original standard, joint venture and may even reduce the land cost to the bottom line with national standards under certain conditions。  But in the developing view, arranged by male security district of the price, conditions or difficult reality。  "After New concept started, apparently Xiong County, the land value of the new security and other areas will bring a revaluation, the original price is certainly no longer applies," one person said, "but did not get land targets, then this whether to also get a have a problem。"Uncertainty Business Herald Correspondent old 21 program learned from the approach of Chinese people happiness, well-being after China's industrial investment policy there are two types, one is a high-quality large projects, namely large-scale investment, industry wide influence, government a high degree of satisfaction of the project; criteria: signing landing investment of not less than 500 million yuan, or annual tax amount not less than 20 million, or a certain industry background and influence。  Second, the high leverage of small and medium projects, namely, small footprint, economic prominence, can effectively improve the image of its parks and project satisfaction of government; such projects must meet admission "does not occupy, occupy less land resources," "could produce industry service income tax '' to enhance the regional value could promote 'standards。  At the same time, that time when China Fortune Investment Promotion said that with the joint development of Beijing, Tianjin and traffic integration of Beijing, Tianjin will build "a vertical and a horizontal part" of a hour life circle; and Xiong is in the living area heart。  Wherein "a vertical" lines wide high-speed, i.e., 108 km Beijing south; and "a cross" system high-security + Tsubo high-speed, i.e., 100 km and 70 km from Tianjin west to east Baoding; and where "a ring "most notably, it is referred to as 'loop lakes' region, i.e., 'close lake, lake side therewith to form a good interaction county'。  In fact, Baiyangdian has also become a key element of China Merchants happiness Xiong County Industrial Park, for example, when outside No, "said Xiong County adjacent to known as the 'Pearl of North China' Baiyangdian, is the most scarce ecological green Metropolitan Areas heart。"It is worth noting that, on the establishment of the new district of male security, ecological advantages Baiyangdian is also mentioned in the central and。"Can be seen, if there is no male An District, China Fortune these companies will come here to be use。"A source close to Xiong County authorities say。  Also according to the above recommendation, and China Fortune Park Xiong had planned to build high-end equipment manufacturing industrial park in 2017, two new roads, upgrading of roads 2; at the same time and the formation of the modern industrial park, Park, Metro service centers in Xiong County , ecological residential area, spa and wellness area as well as raising Metro service centers; at the same time, a plurality of regions are connected by a corridor of industrial clusters and corridors movement to change the city。  In A source close to the Chinese people happiness it seems that the infrastructure planning have uncertainty。  "China Fortune consider more commercial level, while the male has obvious security district administrative sense, not on a pattern, the former must yield to the latter," a source close to China Fortune official said April 5, "China final the plan will certainly be happy with the overall planning of the central District of safety in the male, while the park's current location and the program will be changed to adjust to what extent, the policy also needs to further clear。"