April 10 evening to influence the market's major policy audio Courier

China Banking Regulatory Commission recently issued "Guidance on risk prevention and control work," (hereinafter referred to as "guidance")。China Banking Regulatory Commission department heads to answer a reporter's question。The official pointed out, "guidance" focus on prevention and control of the following types of risks: First, to strengthen credit risk management and control, requiring financial institutions to find out the industry risk base number, the implementation of the classification criteria of credit and credit asset class and operational processes, true, accurate and dynamic reflect the risk profile of assets; strengthen the unified credit, unified management, strengthen new customer credit risk assessment, strict examination and approval authority at different levels。Second, improve liquidity risk management system, required banking institutions to improve risk monitoring coverage, the strengthening of key institutions control, innovation and risk prevention and control techniques, conduct stress tests on a regular basis, improve liquidity risk response plans, advance preparations to cope。The third is to strengthen the bond investment management business, required banking institutions to improve internal bond trading system, strengthen the bond business centralized management mechanism, strengthen the prevention and control of bond risk monitoring, and strictly control investment leverage。The fourth is to strengthen the inter-bank business regulation, in terms of incremental traffic control, and solid management penetrate, digest inventory risk, thorough investigation of the irregularities and other specific regulatory requirements。Fifth, regulate bank financing and distribution business, requiring banking institutions to strengthen financial management and control business risks, standardize financial products designed to enhance financial consumer protection, prudent conduct consignment business。Sixth, the field of risk prevention, requiring the implementation of credit classification regulation, strengthen risk management and control of real estate, to strengthen the management of real estate collateral。Seven is to strengthen local government debt risk control, require the banking institutions to strictly implement the relevant laws and regulations, and strengthen risk control and financing platform, standardized to carry out new business models, strengthen risk prevention and control of high-risk areas。Eight is interconnected and steadily push forward the risk management requirements continue to promote network lending platform (P2P) risks rectification, do the rectification work campus net loan "cash loan" business。Nine is the strengthening of external shocks risk monitoring, requires focusing on prevention of cross-border financial business risks and social risks, crack down on illegal fund-raising, to prevent the transfer of risk to private financial banking。Ten is the other risk prevention and control, requiring banking institutions to strengthen risk prevention cases, strengthen risk prevention and control of information technology, is expected to strengthen the management, maintenance management and stable banking sector。    The Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a notice, policy banks public offering of policy bank financial bonds in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange pilot, the issuer shall submit to this issue a few days ago and disclose the last three years audited financial statements and audited reports, rules for the issuance, underwriting main agreement (if any) and other documents。After the policy financial bonds can be issued in this transaction are listed, the issuer shall before the first single policy financial bonds listed on the market with the signing of this agreement。Notice that the issuer during the debenture shall disclose the following information: each year on the 30th of April, disclosed the previous year's annual report, the annual report shall include the contents of financial statements audited by certified accountants and major litigation matters involved; may affect major issues of debt repayment capacity; this the other matters deemed necessary。    China Insurance Regulatory Commission has held a party committee meeting, the CPC Central Committee decided to inform Mr. Xiang alleged serious violation of conduct organizational review。The meeting stressed that strengthening the supervision and management of party members and cadres, firmly implement the Party supervision regulations, focusing in particular to strengthen the "number one" supervision of Party leaders at all levels。Always adhere to the "industry surnamed Bao, China Insurance Regulatory Commission surname prison" to keep the pressure up supervision, and resolutely control the market chaos, resolutely investigate and deal with illegal questions。Highly vigilant, strictly guard against financial risks, to ensure the prevention and control of risk into a more important position, firmly hold the bottom line systemic risk does not occur。    Dalian held on April 8, "Risk management arm options business training," general manager Wang Fenghai DCE said that after the successful listing of meal options, running well, the next step will strive to promote the DCE corn, iron ore Research options stone varieties, more efforts to provide risk management tools to the market, and will continue to improve the system of rules options contracts, and comprehensively promote the different levels of training activities to encourage members to carry out "option into the industry" special development programs to enhance derivatives the ability to market the service of the real economy April 10 news, the central bank together with the CSRC and other departments as well as Beijing, Tianjin and three provinces within 7 held in Tianjin, Beijing, Tianjin and financial support collaborative development forum。Vice President Mr. Pan requirements, financial institutions should strictly follow the development of Beijing, Tianjin and collaborative space, industrial layout, based in Beijing and orderly ease Non-capital function, innovation and long-term supply of funds for construction, and actively develop green finance, develop financial technology, increase support for infrastructure construction, environmental protection, industrial upgrading, technological innovation, poverty alleviation and development and other key areas and weak links。To promote regional surplus through financial mechanism, clearing backward production capacity and industrial optimization。    April 10, paving the bond through the "Chinese five-year Treasury futures contracts" was officially listed on the HKEx, to provide more investment opportunities and hedging tool for those interested in the yuan's fixed income and currency asset investment, and also let them further investment in the bond market more confidently Mainland China。There are signs that, after Hong Kong and Shenzhen through the launch of the preparatory work is also full speed through bonds。    According to the Chinese government news network April 10, to optimize the layout of agricultural production, focusing mainly varieties and favorable areas, the implementation of precision management, the State Council issued on the establishment of functional areas of food production and the production of important protected areas (hereinafter referred to as the "two areas") guidance。Opinions requirements, innovative construction investment and financing mechanism "two zones" to attract social capital investment, accelerate the pace of construction。Encourage financial institutions to improve credit management system, innovative financial support agricultural products and services, broaden the range of collateral, to explore pilot scale food production and marketing loans to business entities within the scope of qualified "two areas", increase credit support。Improve the linkage mechanism the government, banks, insurance companies, guarantee institutions, deepening the pilot micro-credit guarantee insurance, priority exploration agricultural prices and income insurance pilot within the scope of the "two areas"。Promote the "two areas" full coverage of agricultural insurance, catastrophe risk diversification mechanism to improve。    Shanghai municipal government executive meeting held on April 10 was studied on Shanghai in the first quarter the economic situation and economic work, and deployment on promoting industrial restructuring。Meeting approved in principle "by mid-2017 Shanghai industrial restructuring focused on the organization of work," and pointed out that all localities and departments in accordance with national and Shanghai municipal government requirements, to maintain concentration, not the only, vigorously implement the innovation-driven development strategy, come out a high quality, good efficiency, excellent structure and sustainable development path。In the adjustment of industrial structure, we must also focus on nurturing and strengthening co-ordination in the urban industrial layout, access and other projects, good planning of the subsequent development of the adjustment region。    National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board today issued "on the orderly development of electrical discharge plan", "notice" proposed to speed up the development organized power purchase agreement signed with power companies purchase electricity body; decreasing the existing coal-fired power electricity business plan ; newly approved generators actively participate in market transactions; standardize and improve market trading electricity price adjustment mechanism; orderly liberalization of cross inter-provincial transmission-reception plan; priority-setting power generation plan; conditionally allow priority power plan targets the market for sale; guide other body involved in the purchase of electricity market transactions; electricity users to participate in market transactions no longer perform catalog price; take concrete measures to implement the priority power generation, priority purchase of electricity system。    Learned from the banking and real estate credit intermediaries, in Shenzhen signs of tightening mortgage policy reproduce, last Saturday was the first set of mortgage deals on discount adjusted to 9 from 9.5 fold, has yet to see the other banks to adjust mortgage preferential policies to follow, continue to enforce the 10% discount on the first mortgage policy。In the mortgage market in Shenzhen, ICBC, China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank and other banks occupy a larger share, if these banks to adjust mortgage policy, market expectations or will cause other banks to follow this policy。