A fall in stocks investors mood 20,000 urban depositors in 3680 only willing stocks

Survey for dealing with money: they tend to "more consumption" of residents accounted for 24.7% tend to "more savings" of residents accounted for 43.5% tend to "invest more" residents accounted for 31.7% last week, Wu Jia shares fell nearly 1% again, the lowest dropping to 3008 points。The latest central bank data show that the A shares falling, lack of money effect, so that savers are willing stocks again dropped, of which 20,000 urban depositors are willing spot checks of stocks of less than two percent。  Since June, even though the central bank has taken a variety of financial instruments to adjust the supply of liquidity, but overall funding is still tight, including reverse repurchase treasury bonds, interbank lending and so have to rise, listed companies financial problems continue to be exposed。However, the latest survey showed that bankers felt demand for loans is falling。  Decline in demand for loans cash-strapped VS latest central bank data show that the second quarter of this year, bankers macroeconomic index of 42.2%, a decrease from the previous quarter.1 percentage point。Among them, 81.0 percent of bankers believe that the current macro-economic "normal", quarter on quarter increase 0.Three percentage points; 17.4% of bankers believe that the current macroeconomic "cool", quarter on quarter increase 0.9 points。The next quarter, bankers macroeconomic expectations of 43.1%, higher than the second quarter Analyzing 0.9 points。Bankers macroeconomic confidence index was 81.2%, 0 decreased the previous quarter.7 points。  It is worth noting that the demand for loans, most bankers considered to be weak。Data show that the second quarter of this year, the overall demand for loans Index of 66.7% reduction from the previous quarter 4.2 percentage points。The manufacturing sector loan demand index was 60.3%, a decrease from the previous quarter.1 percentage point; non-manufacturing index for loan demand 60.7% reduction from the previous quarter 3.6 points。Sub-enterprise scale, large, medium and small micro-enterprise loan demand index were 58.0%, 60.6% and 64.5%, respectively, decrease the previous quarter 3.1,2.1 and 1.8 points。This also means that, on the one hand the market funding constraints, various funds have increased。On the other hand, demand for bank capital is on the decline。  Urban depositors are willing to stock less than two percent while the recent A shares continued to fall, a lot of people are complaining about。The latest central bank survey of urban depositors in the second quarter 2018 report showed that second quarter income sentiment index of 53.2% decline in the previous quarter 2.1 percentage point。Among them, 88.6% of residents believe that income "increased" or "basically unchanged", quarter on quarter decline 0.6 points。Income confidence index was 53.5%, 0 down previous quarter.7 points。  For residents funds, tend to "consume more" accounted for 24.7%, essentially flat with the previous quarter; but tend to "more savings" of residents accounted for 43.5%, quarter on quarter rose 1 percent; tend to "invest more" residents accounted for 31.7%, down 1 percentage point from the previous quarter。  In the top three investment preferences of residents were: "banking, securities, insurance companies, financial products," "trust fund products" and "stock", select three of investment proportion of households are 48.7% 21.9% and 18.4%。  The central bank said that urban depositors' survey is a quarterly survey system from the People's Bank of China established in mid-1999。On a quarterly basis in the 50 cities surveyed, 400 bank outlets each randomly selected 50 depositors, a total of 20,000 depositors for the survey。This also means, in which 20,000 depositors, only 3680 are willing to invest in stocks to。  Data show that this year A shares continue to stage hit a new low on Friday fell to the lowest point of 3008。  Institutional investment strategy