This often stimulates the body five places by life!

  There are many tips, today small will take you to see which five local body can become, oh very good for the body!  1.Chest: every day hand palm friction chest, can activate the thymus, disease prevention fitness, illnesses and sickness; hand palm friction chest every day, to the pit of the stomach acupuncture points 100-200, with disease-resistant self-defense, illnesses extension role of。   2.Spine: the spine often, you can stimulate the meridians, so that blood runs, blood flowing; meridian on both sides of the spine and internal organs are closely related, often spine, it can stimulate the smooth flow of the meridians, promote blood running, effectively nourish the body organ, played for anti-aging。   3.: Axillary vascular, lymphatic, nerve up to, the richest places。
  While some ticklish, but are stimulated, people will make the size, while promoting blood circulation, so that each organ has been full exchange of oxygen and nutrients, for enhanced organ function plays a significant role。 This "armpit movement" is particularly good effect against aging, self 3 times a day, every 5 minutes。
  4.: Navel is often hailed as a health scientist fortress care; Chinese medicine called "Shenque", which is the only body 361 points "see and feel" of the points, connected to the body of the twelve meridians, and internal organs connected, its particularity is unmatched by any other point。   Set point: the position of a corresponding point specific internal organs, the appropriate force pressing the end of the thumb pulp。 When you see a definite tenderness, is selected acupoints。   Rubbing: rubbing with fingers the end of the thumb 50 times clockwise and counterclockwise rubbing 50 times, keeping in mind that even with deep breathing。   With the increase in the number of rubbing, the corresponding internal organs disorder symptoms will improve, tenderness at the point of the hole will be reduced accordingly。 At this time, the frequency of rubbing may be gradually reduced until symptoms disappear。 It should be noted that the need to trim nails before rubbing to prevent pierce the skin, induce infection。   5.Soles of the feet: Human soles of the feet, more than 70 points。
  Recurring role soles of the feet, a foot, foot blood active, multi-point walk or step on cobblestones, warm feet with legs and feet and so help to promote blood circulation, regulating yin and yang balance, disease prevention, fitness, longevity。