Chinese real estate market slowdown in the UK property market Sellers

In the triumph of the British economic recovery is on the way the property market showed signs of a spent force by the end of 2014。Britain is about to be launched for the Chinese project developers, this is not good news。  Keen on overseas investment of Chinese real estate developers to focus on investment in the UK。British media said they almost bought in London, Manchester and began to enter the UK and other second-tier cities。  2014 to the end of 2015, including Wanda [microblogging], developer New World Development Group and the Pine Valley Group, including Hong Kong will launch their UK Project。But this time, the UK property market is showing weakness in the overall growth slowdown。  According to the British "Times" reported that in December 2014, the UK house prices rose in the last year to more than the slowest speed。This means that the UK housing slowdown is in full。  December 2014, the UK house prices increased from the previous month 8.5% decline of 7.2%。This is also the increase in UK house prices since September 2014 has slowed for four consecutive months, is since November 2013 the lowest increase。In the 13 areas of the UK in December just North of England can see the growth of a region of the price increase。The remaining 12 regions emerged as the growth rate fell。As of December 31, 2014, the average monthly price increase annual basis rose 0.The case of two percentage points, and now the UK each family residential average price of about 18.860,000 pounds (about 1.82 million yuan)。  Chinese developers invest heavily in London property market is cooling in the same。The end of December 2014, the London each family residential average price is still about 40.670 000 pounds (about 392.470,000 yuan) of high-priced, far more than in other regions。British real estate consulting firm Knight Frank Asia-Pacific capital markets research director Brooks said the influx of Sydney and Melbourne this year, China's real estate investment funds hit a record, but the total investment capital into London in the fall, because the price of real estate speculation in London too high the。  2014 full year, British house prices increased by 13 regions extremely unequal。St Albans, Hertfordshire, the price increase is most striking, even more than the capital, London。Local real estate full-year average price rose 24 percent, to reach today's final 49.480 000 pounds (about 477.490,000 yuan) per set average price of real estate。Wales is the least of the UK house prices growth in the region。It is only a year on average 1.4% increase。Today the Welsh average of 14 per suite price.160 000 pounds (about 136.650,000 yuan)。In addition, Redding house prices rose 19 percent in the past year, the average price is now 31.830 000 pounds (about 307.170,000 yuan)。Meanwhile, Belfast is also showing a 2014 full-year growth rate of 17%, the average price reached 18.920 000 pounds (about 182.580,000 yuan)。  It is noteworthy that, Manchester was named the 2014 UK house prices rose worst city, and compared to last year, local prices did not rise, the current average price of 21.070 000 pounds (about 203.330,000 yuan)。While housing prices in Shenzhen, China Spring International and its partners are planning to build a downtown Manchester, the largest community in the future, the first phase is expected to start early next year。  It is understood that the UK property market since mid-2014 began to gradually slow down, one important reason is the regulatory agency to discourage risky loans, the lender's ability to repay the loan more stringent inspection。At the same time, real estate buyers purchase intention is weakening。