Gospel boiled grapefruit, uncomfortable stomach, clearing the lungs of phlegm pharyngitis

  We all know that eating fruit body will have many benefits, but now the advent of winter, eating fruit unconscious body will invade the chill, some bad stomach after eating fruit will particularly uncomfortable, do not delicious and methods of health do with the deposit?Do not say, really have, here are just a few of winter can eat several hot fruit, there will be unexpected benefits for the body。
  Cook: anti-aging, strong lungs autumn ripe fruit, adults and children love to eat。
However, it has been overlooked in grapefruit peel, heating eat also has a very good therapeutic effect。 Because grapefruit peel contains flavonoids have antioxidant effects, can reduce blood viscosity, lose weight, resistance to aging, made dishes, lungs Qi, the effectiveness of cough, so in life must be a lot of food。
  Approach: take the skin 100 grams of honey, the intermediate portion of the soft white naringin wash finely cut with warm boiled for 10 minutes turn off the heat release after cooler honey, sealed bottle fridge with warm water brewed into tea drinking。   Efficacy: qi can, lungs bowel, strong lungs, for chronic pharyngitis, people use。   Purchase Principle 1.Tip round election do not choose people who bought all know, some grapefruit round, while others are sharp, do not know what kind of good。
Buy grapefruit midnight, choose to keep the tip of grapefruit, the more pointed the better。
  2.Large selection of options here do not choose small large do not choose small, it means the same, we should choose a little bigger, because of the large ripe grapefruit some time longer, taste it, taste better too。   3.Re-election do not choose the light and some people say that I am a person, then buy a big day also eat, how to do it?Then look at the component of it。 Grapefruit ordinary plump fruit weight of parity, and water and more。
  4.The election is not selected yellow green blue gives the feel was not ripe to keep it true。
Yellow than green mature earlier, relatively speaking, it will taste better。   In addition, the division may be optional finger pressing a bottom, preferably, no peel depressed by the elastic Fixed is stated thick skin, poor quality。