conflict!Wrath of wolves push rocket commander Marksman revenge eat?Expulsion

  Beijing on March 19, the rocket away to Wolves。 Left in the fourth quarter more than 10 minutes, Steven Gerrard Rockets – Minnesota and Green Dean scuffle。
Eventually, the two sides each eat a technical foul, and Green was also ejected。   Minnesota was the half-court offense, Dean was after Chris got the ball inside – Paul steals, while Dean was knocked to the ground。
This action allows Dean looked very unhappy, and he pushed a little after Paul got up and put Paul down to the ground。
  See Paul being knocked down, being next to Steven Gerrard – Green quit, he quickly rushed to the Dean down in the auditorium。   Seeing the conflict to be upgraded, both players and referees have been involved in, and Paul also extraordinarily calm, he struggled to control emotions Greene。
During this time, Green and Dean have been separated by the distance of the spray, the two sides have great anger。
  By watching the video replay, the referee gave the Dean and Green each a technical foul, and Green also eat a two flagrant foul and was ejected directly。
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