ICBC Zhejiang Branch held financial product launches Internet

shared?Financial ecosystem win the next big Internet ICBC Zhejiang Branch held Internet financial product launch March 22, 2018, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Zhejiang Branch held Internet conference in Hangzhou financial products, financial products innovation launched five Internet – ?Netcom, electronic wealth accumulation, electronic commune, E home easily and?Huitong。
Vice President Commercial Bank of China Liyun Ze, General Manager of Network Finance Wu Xiangjiang, Zhejiang Branch BIMONTHLY Provincial Finance Office, the People's Bank, Banking Bureau, Commission by letter, Housing and Construction Office, Zhejiang and government network, Netease, Vanke and other cooperation partners attending this event。 According to reports, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China has always adhered to the principle of inheritance and innovation, because the times change, due to customer demand change。 In order to better adapt to the environment and changes in customer demand financial age of the Internet, since 2000, it established the online banking as the main body of the e-banking system, but also mid-2015 through the implementation of e-bank strategy, quickly gathered one hundred million user groups, in the interbank set a start first, the fastest-growing, most influential lead。 As a pioneer in the system, ICBC Zhejiang Branch in the head office to lead the strategy, rooted in active Zhejiang's economy, we have been committed to innovation and development of Internet financial services, focused on building "open, cooperative, win-win" financial eco-system network。
Especially in recent years, ICBC Zhejiang Branch firmly grasp Hangzhou, Zhejiang particularly unique Internet development opportunities, focus on several attempts of Internet innovation in financial services and explore new。
By the end of 2017, the Zhejiang branch of corporate online banking customers 320,000 individuals of nearly 15 million mobile banking customers, ICBC è number of customers to pay over 10 million, which accounted for more than a quarter of Hangzhou branch, consolidate good Internet customer base。 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Zhejiang Branch BIMONTHLY at the press conference made a warm speech。 He said that the head office to start "wisdom bank" strategic layout, we took the lead pilot in Hangzhou, the successful launch?Netcom, electronic wealth accumulation, electronic commune, home electronic trade, electronic Land of the five Internet financial products, provides a set of food and clothing for the people and businesses, housing, living consumption, production and management, both within and outside one of the Internet, intelligence Financial Services, this is a new upgrade Zhejiang branch of Internet financial services, we want our customers around can truly feel more powerful ICBC Internet services and convenient。
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Zhejiang Branch related business department heads in the conference specifically Recommend the launch of the five series of Internet financial products: electrical services, products –e Netcom to build a chain of Internet financial services。 For the Internet platform, enterprises open up the industry chain B2B and B2C consumer financial scene scenes chain finance, to provide a one-stop online financial services solutions。
In the B2B industry chain, finance, industry and platforms for different characteristics, respectively, to provide electronic accounts, B2B payments, mutual trust and inclusive financial supply chain solutions into four categories; in the B2C consumer chain finance, to provide payment accounts, financial management, financing , value-added five special services。
Wealth Services Products –e wealth accumulation, wealth management services to build Internet。 The ICBC financial services into the external financial assets trading platform, the equity asset trading platform and other Internet financial services scene, to bring customers a mobile terminal, the line of convenient wealth management experience。
"Comprehensive, intellectual, Jane" create its own wealth management platform, Fabric wealth。 Full, namely to achieve insurance, funds, banking, precious metals, and other products account transactions all categories wealth market; wisdom, Fintech competitive products, based on big data "AI vote" smart investment adviser, Holiday products easy financial management; Jane, combined voice search, face recognition technology to quickly achieve a key investment banking, securities accounts and other online operations minimalist, enjoy quick service experience。 Home services products –e home is easy, creating Internet home banking service。 Happy dreams about the acquisition of housing, the purchase of parking spaces, home decoration, rental housing and other types of home scene, to provide customers with more convenient, efficient and professional personal financial services to help customers achieve "home from room"。
First, create purchase mortgage services platform, mortgage customers, real estate agencies, Industrial and Commercial Bank share the progress of the mortgage process, a list of information on loans, apply for bank mortgage transparent, to achieve second-hand housing transaction fund supervision and transfer money online, eliminating the need for customers to houses long run withdrawal trouble。
Second hand in large real estate agency to provide customers with parking staging, home improvement and other convenient installment financing services, and online financing application delivery, to help customers realize their dreams "Happy House"。
Third, in response to the national call for the construction of rental housing market, real estate leasing joint professional bodies to provide customers with small and convenient rental housing financing services to help customers stay home Zhejiang, Zhejiang for the music industry。 Public services products –e commune, the wisdom of life to create the Internet。 With online and offline channels under ICBC and scientific and technological advantages, to create "Internet + Finance + life" of public services system。
First, the wisdom of government。
To "most recently ran a" service philosophy, social security, provident fund, immigration and other government services on ICBC platform to practice online and offline integrated services' work easier and more intimate service, to benefit from a broader "。 Second, the wisdom of travel。
United subway, bus, Traffic Management Bureau, traffic police and other departments to launch travel services, and pay for travel and other online flash recharge, payment of traffic fines and other services。 Third, medical wisdom。
Hospital and medical services platform for providing comprehensive integrated financial services, optimization of medical institutions acquirers, financial clearing, reconciliation and other services, to achieve customer online registration, payment of the examination room, a single laboratory inquiry, case management and other one-stop service。 –e Land of cross-border products, cross-border financial services to build Internet。 By providing funds clearing channel for third-party payment agencies for small cross-border e-commerce transactions and foreign currency funds focused on Internet payment and foreign exchange services related parties。 Currently can achieve single-family cross-border remittance clearing about 500,000 pen / batch, receive customer data only from the funds credited into account time two hours。
While taking advantage of rich bank settlement network, provide specialized payment institutions and their users check customer information, exchange rate inquiries and transactions, cross-border collection and payment, AML screening and balance of payments reporting services。