Still worse than barley dampness gas it turns out to be!(1)

  Many people will say that they are now re。
In Chinese medicine, the moisture is called wet evil, would seriously endanger our。
Old saying: "Thousands of Han Yi addition, a wet hard to remove", in fact, this sentence is too heavy to describe the human body, people can not lift the spirit, thus affecting the quality of life。
How dampness, a lot of people think that network today night to tell you, this thing dampness of the most powerful, not barley, but – 。  The influence of dampness harm to people is continuing, and will be a step by step against the body。
  1.Opening can see thick greasy tongue, white or yellow, the skin will Changdou long rash or sores。  2.In the case of the accumulation period of time in the body, dizziness, chest tightness, fatigue, sore throat, stool shapeless。
  3.In a period of time, will form puffiness, will become increasingly prominent belly bulge, sore limbs, sore joints will start。  4.When accumulated to a significant extent, the disease began erupting, showing plummeting physical function levels will initially lead to fatty liver, asthma, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, gynecological diseases and even cancer!  The efficacy and role of sweet, astringent, flat。
Spleen, kidney。Spleen diarrhea, kidney solid essence, functions only with dampness。
For nocturnal emissions Hua Jing, incontinence, frequent spleen Chronic Diarrhea, whitish, vaginal discharge。
  1.Spleen stopped the leaks attending Bitongkang waist, nocturnal emission, pouring muddy, vaginal discharge, urine can not help, stool diarrhea and other illnesses。  2.Anti-cancer can enhance intestinal absorption, improved xylose in urine excretion rate, increase serum concentrations of carotene。
Experiments show that increased serum carotene levels, can make lung cancer, gastric cancer incidence decreased probability, greatly reducing the chance of cancer。  3.Prevent aging rich in starch, it can provide energy for the body, and contains a variety of vitamins and carbon materials, ensure the required components of the body nutrition。
Gorgon formulation "Hydrangea cake" significantly prolonged the life of action。