I pay the fine!Paul was touched that he wants to play basketball this is

  Beijing on March 19, in today's Houston Rockets on the road to 129-120 victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves game early distal, Gerald – Green is Chris – Paul succeed, the result was by。 After the game Paul Green grateful, "fine by me no matter how much pay。
"This scene appears in the fourth quarter 10 minutes 13 seconds。 Paul, Green and Geer Ji – Jason Giambi snatching rebounds, grabbed all the way from the sideline at the basket。
After the referee's whistle, Jason Giambi Paul pushed to the ground, turned Jalan Green, Jason Giambi is pushing up Paul to succeed, both sides immediately whack。
  After looking back, the referee ejected Green, Jason Giambi then received a technical foul。 In this case, "against the child," Successful Jason Giambi also grin on his face, and Paul still bicker。
Affected by this confusion once the rocket is approaching the home team points difference to 4 points, almost odds-on favorite。   After the game, the Rockets up and down on the conflict agreed: Jason Giambi to push people, but "not too bad" Green learn from them。
However, a move Green eyes look at his teammates and the fans, but also very warm heart。 Paul said: "I am very grateful to him, no matter how much money the next to punish him, by me pay!"Paul had in talking about the reason he left the Clippers, who called encouragement from friends, well-known rapper Jay-Z's, and realized that only find happiness, it helps to improve their。 And read this bristle field Green, the fans said with a smile: "CP3, you want happiness come!"(Demons) Disclaimer: Sina exclusive articles, prohibit unauthorized reprint!。