3 Odds decided to open a station at Knight James Wong Lakers Rockets 3 1!?

  Beijing on March 1, according to the Philadelphia 76ers commentator Allah – Adna ratio revealed that this year during the NBA All-Star Weekend, LeBron – James had to go and visit a private school in Philadelphia。
After the news leaked, gaming companies out of the immediate family of James potential at odds, in which James Wong to stay in Cleveland 1 odds to lose, went to the Lakers lost 3 to 1 odds, the Rockets go with Harden, Paul composition Big three lost 4 to 1 odds, but the odds are 76 people went to open was a bit high, pay 15 to 1, only the sixth column potential at home。
  Knights jumped around a lot this season, although the team mid-season in the operation of state to Cleveland now has been improvement, but if the playoffs still can not shake like that before as warrior status, this would be difficult to leave James Knight。   This summer, James can become a free agent out of the contract and。 Including 76 people including a number of teams James is regarded as a potential next home。
James Wong to stay in the home where the odds of 1 lose, went to the Lakers lost 3 to 1 odds, the Lakers itself is a big market team, plus the team has a lot of cap space, before Paul had spread over the – For George to join the Lakers this season ending message, if the message is the final trip, James Wong went to the Lakers is not impossible。
  Has Harden, Paul rocket might be an alternative to James, the odds on this list, James potential at home for the Rockets lost 4 to 1 odds, behind in third place at the home of its potential。
  However, only the odds of bookmakers predicting potential, and James Wong at home which is what will be, will be announced end of the season!  (NIE One)。