Brazil's economy will shrink 1 2015.18% inflation up to 8.26%

China news agency, Sao Paulo, May 4 (Reporter Mo Chengxiong) – Not be more optimistic about the Brazilian economy in the financial markets。Local 4-baked Brazil's central bank [microblogging] recent "Focus Survey" report, financial market analysts predict Brazil's economy will shrink 1 2015.18%, while the annual inflation rate is as high as 8.26%。  Reported that in 2015, Brazil's overall economy is still in recession in economic contraction increase, financial market analysts forecast the country's economy would decline 1.18% decline from last week estimated 1.1% less。If this data is true, it would be Brazil's economic performance in 25 years the worst year, 1990, the Brazilian economy has appeared 4.35% of negative growth。For 2016, the Brazilian economy, last week, analysts are predicting that by 2016, Brazil's economy will grow 1% micro。  Although April 29, Brazil's central bank once again the country's benchmark interest rate from 12.75% raised to 13.25%, reaching the highest interest rates in six years, but this does not seem to inhibit the effect of rising Qualcomm [microblogging] expansion。This week, financial market analysts predict Brazil's inflation rate in mid-2015 8.26% higher than last week's estimate of 8.25%, also much higher than the government-set 6.The highest inflation target ceiling of 5%。The last time this level of inflation appears to date back to 2003, when Brazil had appeared 9.High inflation rate of 3%。2016 for inflation, the inflation rate of 5 analysts predict.6%, unchanged from last week forecast。  Since Brazil is still great inflationary pressures, financial market analysts predict Brazil's central bank will raise interest rates again 0.25 percentage points, that is, before the end of 2015, Brazil's benchmark interest rate will rise to 13.5%。But in 2016 the benchmark interest rate may be reduced to 11.5% level。  As for the Brazilian currency, the report said, financial market analysts predict that by the end of 2015, the Brazilian currency, the exchange rate will be 3.2 Real dollar; and in 2016 the exchange rate could fall to 3.3 Real dollar。  2015 Brazil's industrial production grew weak, financial market analysts forecast the country's industrial production will fall 2.5% growth in 2016 will be 1.5%。  "Focus Survey" is a macro-economic forecast report released by the Brazilian Central Bank, summarizing the views of 100 analysts from major local financial institutions, generally published once a week。(Finish)