I heard the chest can be "touched" big, you really have this thing?

  A said: "I am a little flat chest, clothes do not hold up, how do ah?"B said:" quickly find a boyfriend ah, you do not know the woman chest to rely on the development of secondary boyfriend?"Do not be shy, and do not be shy, this is perfectly normal again dialogue between women。 And more than 90% of the men and women convinced of this argument, but also put into practice。
  A woman's chest can "touch" First of all we need to know it big female breast consists of skin, fibrous tissue, fat and breast composition, also including some blood vessels, nerves。
Wherein the fat is a major component, accounting for more than 2/3 of the entire breast tissue, which causes fat breasts bigger than others。   Massage really can do if someone says, we can not help but ask, "If you will be able to touch, is not where to touch, where you have to do fat?Why is there more life to touch the face to say it smaller?"In fact, breast size is mainly determined by two parts, breast tissue, and second, adipose tissue。
  Mammary gland development, will experience two peak periods, the first one is puberty, the second is breast-feeding。
Adolescence is a decision which the female breast size and shape of an important period of development was during this period basically determine the size of the female breast。
The adolescent breast development will be under the influence of a variety of genetic, estrogen, nutritional status and other factors。
  Therefore, the size of the female breast is basically a "heaven"。
Want secondary development, you have to seize the pregnancy, breast-feeding, most women go through this pregnancy or breast-feeding, the breast will add a cup, of course, women will be very sad reminder of a narrow cup。
  The key factors massage, rub can promote breast development, the decision is that it can not promote the secretion of estrogen, and estrogen can stimulate the breast, so that an increase in fat tissue。
The science tells us that massage the breast, do not allow the accumulation of fat to the breast。
  Why do some people feel bigger breasts first possibility is that the breast more sensitive nerve, through massage, touching, stimulating the body to get a feeling of excitement, so that the breast and nipple temporary increase, when people calm, or transfer after attention will be restitution。
  The second case is in the menstrual period, before menstruation, when breasts because of increase estrogen levels in the body, edema, hyperplasia phenomenon, even pain, dysmenorrhea。 But after the end of the period, the same restitution。
  A third possibility is the use of products with the hormone, the hormone is absorbed by the skin of the breast, there has been increased phenomenon。
Generally this kind of thing occurs in the beauty salon, but we have to fully understand whether the product is safe and harmless。   Although massage can not, but also good。   First of all, can promote blood circulation of the chest, improve marital relations。
  Second, the early detection of breast disease。
Such as whether there are breast lumps, breast hyperplasia。 Many women living in breast disease, in their own case unaware, was first found men。
  Finally, remind women, want to increase the pectoral muscles through exercise, you can also change the look and play a role in the prevention of sagging。