Man, this place is not even a virtual body hairy!(1)

  Where the virtual body of a man does not even do long-haired?In life, normal man would grow a beard, but there are a small part of a man's beard is not long, which is why?What men do not grow beards because it?Not long beard how to do it?Beard how to stay squatters?With a look!  Man, this place is not even a virtual body generally normal long-haired boys with physical development, on both sides of the cheeks and chin beard president, but many adult men not long beard, but also bare chin did not even have pores, feels very weak, in fact, this is a man in vivo androgen deprivation caused such people are generally very weak body。  Men usually after puberty beard president。Beard grow faster than a human hair, which is the result of male hormones。
The more vigorous reproductive function, the faster growth of beard。
Bearded parts of the blood vessels and more than hair roots, nutrients are also easy to get, so just shaved off his beard, not a few days and long。
  And part of the reason men without a mustache mostly because the male hormone secretion caused by too little, in addition, the following factors also cause without a mustache: 1, because of this congenital causes no beard, is not included in our explore the range because it is non-hormonal drug therapy can improve on, not household care products can be resolved。
  2, excessive oil is also an important reason without a mustache, imagine black face, you can understand that it is not a principle beard。Excessive secretion of oil, dirt residues blocked follicle, the larger the pores stretch, loose hairs getting inside, it is easy to fall off。
This man hair loss, hair tired tired all day, but tend to have dandruff。  3, too much pressure is not good mental state, caused by poor blood circulation, shrinking pores, beard began a partial block of death, resulting in a man without a mustache。  How to solve the problem of men not long beard?  1, eat food androgen modern medicine, men's upper lip and cheeks part of the hair follicle contains a receptor in androgen, very sensitive to the role of androgens, male hormones eat plenty of foods can also promote their own secretion of male hormones, such as beef, animal kidneys, etc.。
  2, beard transplant surgery beard long beard transplant surgery is the most direct and most effective way。
The above three methods are based on internal and external stimulation of hair follicles as a means to promote the growth of beard, if born without hair follicle, then in any case the stimulation is void, and beard transplants by transplanting hair follicles, so that beard sites have healthy hair follicles, thus fast grow beards, and the natural growth of beard and is exactly the same。  3, ginger rub rub ginger beard beard is a folk remedies, the main principle is the use of ginger to stimulate hair follicles hair growth, and minoxidil similar role, but is unstable。