Barron's: Apple's stock price rose to $ 160 next year

.ct_hqimg .to_page a: link {padding-left: 8 pixels;} See the latest market Apple's latest real-time quotes News Research institutions holding financial information in the computer industry client network night, nightlife net Financial News February 24 afternoon news, "Ba London Weekly "Hughes wrote in a weekend column, next year, Apple's share price may rise to $ 160, included in dividend income will reach 25%, the dividend is expected to rise sharply after the company upgraded capital Rewards program, possibly in April。  Hughes said that Apple and most US technology firms, when reporting earnings per share accounting basis, (exclude stock-based compensation and other expenses) which makes profit shrink。He also highlighted Apple's negative cash conversion laps, the first customer for the product pay only after that the supplier, which is its expected free cash flow per share for fiscal year 2015 ($ 300.17) is much higher than expected earnings per share ($ 8.53) causes。  When the price of $ 160, Apple was trading at 17 times future earnings per share, not the current S & P 500 is fairly valued。Hughes said: "Given Apple's earnings underestimated its cash reserves, growth path and its history often-than-expected, Apple should at least reach the market valuation。"But Mizuho Bank Abhey Lamba hold different views, he announced before the earnings cut its rating on Apple January 15, he is still cautious," taking into account the sales of 75 million in the fourth quarter, we believe that this year the first iPhone first quarter sales will slow down significantly。We believe that the Apple Watch is not sufficient to fill the gap left by the phone。  Apple on Monday closed up 2.7%, the market value rose to $ 768 billion。(Cloud Valley)