Alibaba made the offer before Youku rose 22 potato dish.5%

Night network, network nightlife Wall Street News 16:00 GMT afternoon, Friday afternoon, Alibaba (stock code BABA) to Youku potatoes (ticker symbol YOKU) issued totaling more than $ 4.5 billion takeover offer, as of 17:54 GMT Youku potatoes shares rose in premarket trading 22.5%, reported 25.USD 03。Alibaba [microblogging] rose in premarket 1.7%, to $ 73。  Alibaba Group on Friday announced that it has issued an offer to the board of directors Youku potatoes, full acquisition of Youku Tudou。According to per ADS (American Depositary Receipts) 26.$ 60, the total amount is expected to exceed $ 4.5 billion。  Alibaba Youku potatoes than the offer shares on the NYSE on October 15 – the closing price of the last trading day before the deal premium of 30.2% over the last three months of its NYSE trading volume weighted average price premium of 44.5%。  Alibaba is expected, such as Youku Tudou join Ali, Ali can better integrate ecosystems and resources, to achieve rapid growth, Alibaba ecological puzzle will be more powerful。Advantages Youku video content platform with Ali and electricity providers, cloud computing, marketing, data, Pictures, home entertainment, music, sports and other services complementary to overhaul user's digital consumer experience。  May 2014, Alibaba stake for $ 1.2 billion Youku。As of June 30, 2015, Alibaba Group holds outstanding shares of Youku Tudou 18.3%。(Tony compilation)