"Cross-border" by the mayor Mr Hu's development: "I do not have to share the honor."

Data for: Wuzhen。
Reporters Li Qing Hu Haifeng photo exhibit in an interview on the new momentum especially strategic emerging industries "extra love", he said, only emerging strategic industries can be able to create the future, represent the future and achieve future。
  "In the future, there must be a number of national strategic importance, there to promote supply-side structural reforms to achieve high-quality development of great helpful strategic emerging industries in Jiaxing born, I think it is very proud and proud。
"Here, Hu Haifeng suddenly smile," even if only in Jiaxing hatch, finally did not stay in the sum of Jiaxing industrialization, our horse and rode to send a ride, but also historic contribution Jiaxing, Jiaxing is also a carefully written。
"" We want the community in a region of space, a more open and tolerant attitude and posture, to seek cooperation and joint development, is not limited to the choice of a city, one fifteen of the pros and cons。
"Hu Haifeng so summarize his outlook on development。
  To this end 2016, Jiaxing issued a special related action plan, put forward the "government, industry, academia, research, gold, referrals, with" seven integrated collaborative development to finance innovation as the core, to create a "global incubator" features It has a special influence in the Yangtze River Delta "science and technology business incubators city"。 Especially in the strategic emerging industries, Jiaxing has Benchmarking, forward-looking layout, pushed forward。   3D naked eye, air imaging, three-dimensional digital medical……In the future, Zhejiang Institute of Technology located in Jiaxing City, a wave of inhalation eye black display technology once it quickly became the focus of industry。 This newly established Institute last year, shortly after the birth will be a "Future Media", "future smart", "future life" and a series of walking in the forefront of science and technology "Internet + VR" service industry。
  As the world's first research and development, standards development, production, product application as one of the flexible electronic industrial park – the Lake District flexible electronics industrial park is completed, it will open a new chapter in Jiaxing revolutionary new industries。   "Artificial intelligence", "quantum communication", is an interview with Mr Hu mouth often bursts term。   "Some technologies are disruptive, landmark, so there must be forward planning, you can not expect a short train 'Unicorn', but look at the future, it is even more significant strategic。
"Mr Hu said,。
  During the interview, Mr Hu also mentioned several times to transform and upgrade traditional kinetic energy, and stressed that it was "serious questions must be promising" a。
  He should be made to make full use of the "Internet +", the "standardization +", "Industrial Design +", "Robot +" and other means to raise the overall corporate digital equipment rate, machine networking, intelligent plant, management of information technology, e-commerce applications level, to promote the clothing, printing and dyeing, paper, auto parts and hardware transformation and upgrading of traditional industries such as machinery。