Hawking final thesis Exposure: proof of the multiverse proposed method, or change the human view of the universe

Famous British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking (Stephen Hawking) Oriental IC data in the famous British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking (Stephen Hawking) died three days later, Hawking final scientific contributions also known around the world。 British "Times" reported on March 18, two weeks before his death Hawking presented a final paper, which proposed a mathematical method for space exploration to find evidence of the multiverse。 If such evidence can be found in Hawking's lifetime, he is likely to get a Nobel Prize。
  Co-author of this paper is a theoretical physics professor at the University of Leuven, Belgium Hertog (ThomasHertog), he met two weeks ago with Hawking, Hawking got final approval on paper。
Currently, this paper is a well-known academic journals to accept review。
  Issues paper since 1983, the Hawking bothered。 At that time, he and another physicist Hartle (JamesHartle) proposed the theory of the universe with no boundaries, describes how the universe by the Big Bang and the emergence of。
In this theory, the universe is expanding from the moment a small dot to the grand universe we see today's prototype。
But the theory also predicts that large explosion also took place infinitely many times, each time creating a different universe。
  Mathematical paradox makes this idea can not be verified by experiment。
Hertog said he and Hawking hopes the concept of the multiverse into a science framework that can be detected。
  But Hawking's theory with a final tragedy, predicted that when all the stars have lost their energy, our universe will disappear in the dark。   Hawking's new research has been controversial in the cosmologists。 Hawking's friend, the circumference of the Canadian Institute for Theoretical Physics (PerimeterInstitute) Director Turck (NeilTurok), said he still can not understand why Hawking will find this idea very interesting。   But there are other scientists believe that Hawking's groundbreaking research, this may be the first time able to verify experimentally the theory。
Durham University professor Frank (CarlosFrenk) said that the expansion of the universe indicates that there should be many universes, but so far it can not be measured。
Hawking's new paper indicates, the multiverse has left a mark on the background radiation of the universe we live in, we can be detected by a detector on the spacecraft, which will profoundly change the way people think about their place in the universe。
  Frank also suggested that missions should be named Hawking Universe Exploration Program (HawkingSpaceProbe)。
  Hawking collaborators Hertog said: This is Stephen (Hawking), he dared to go where "Star Trek" (the famous American science fiction television series) are afraid to get involved。