Spurs 57 points off the bench to complete the sweep of the Jazz Shuangsha 36 + 29 bid farewell to the playoffs

  Ticker May 8, the Spurs away to 87-81 win over the Jazz, so the total score 4-0 sweep opponents to advance to the second round of the West。
  Spurs bench players scored a total of 57 points, Manu – Manu Ginobili 17 points, Gary – Neal 11 points, Tiago – Split 10 points, Stephen Jackson – 8 points。 Starting performance down still pales, Tim – Tim Duncan had 11 points and five rebounds, Tony – Parker 11 points and 2 assists。
  Jazz had 10 points off the bench, lost very thorough。 They massive counterattack in the case of 21 points behind the last one, the last minute to narrow the gap to four points, but fall short。 Al – Al Jefferson scored 26 points and 10 rebounds, Derek – Phevos starter, had 16 points and 10 rebounds, German – Harris 19 points and 7 assists, Paul – Paul Millsap 10 points and 19 rebounds。
Jazz in rebounds with 57-43 dominant。   Spurs do not want to dwell too much with the opponent, "We want to finish early," Duncan headed generals said, "Obviously, we do not want to run the risk of injury, get a bit more time to get some rest, so to end this series as soon as possible。 "Sir hoping against hope for miracles, but they have to admit that the Spurs 13-game winning streak is a powerhouse, Jefferson even think the Spurs are in top form。 Faced with this Spurs, Jazz blame bad luck。   After the opening, Duncan firmly twice shooting, the Spurs to 9-2 start。
Jazz played in the game only to hit a ball nearly four minutes later, but there are Phevos teenager remarkable performance。
More than half of this section, Jazz fast break, Harris breaking ball to the inside, and suddenly the ball to the basket Phevos, the face of Duncan et al defense after Phevos leaps dunks with both hands (), Jazz will recover as the score 10-12。 Duncan against each other, immediately after 20 seconds and cause foul succeeded in the cast, with a fine cast scored 3 points。
After 3 minutes 30 seconds Spurs failed to score after the Jazz shot a wave of 9-0 to 19-15 beyond。 Ginobili hit a ball, stop the offensive of the Jazz, the third hit Jackson in this section will end, and Neil layup, the Spurs leading 22-19 in this section。   Spurs second team on the court but also the upper hand。
II began shortly Split vote with a penalty scored three points, then Bonner hit third, the Spurs to a 14-3 wave of attacks began this section, in one fell swoop to 36-22 to expand the advantage。 This section last 50 seconds Jazz had six points, managed to narrow the gap to single digits, the first half to 42-50 behind。   The third quarter played nearly three minutes both teams failed to shooting。 This section also 9 minutes 23 seconds, the third succeeded Leonard, Phevos also finally layup with a ball, but Parker immediately also two-thirds vote, the Spurs 11-6 after play, to lead 61-48。
In this section, the Jazz played only once after nearly half score in warfare, though, they once chasing the score 58-61, but unfortunately this section last 3 minutes 18 seconds they failed to score again, Ginobili twice in three point shooting, the Spurs shot a wave of 7-0 to 68-58 entering the final section。
  Ginobili hit three-pointers in the fourth quarter began and then, Split thereafter twice layup, the Spurs bench advantage of filling their 8-0 start this section, in one fell swoop to 76-58 to expand the。 Jazz played in this section for nearly five minutes after the first score, Neil has since thirds vote for the Spurs, they lead to 81-60 with 21 points。
  Sir launch the final attack, he scored eight points in 77 seconds, after the wave of attacks hit 19-2 in the game when more seconds chasing the score 79-83。 Spurs nearly 6 minutes, not shooting, Parker and even missed two free throws, 21-point advantage vanish。
  Seconds before the whistle, Parker steals, the Spurs finally succeeded by a Ginobili layup。 Sir critical moment soft, Millsap Since then missed two free throws, the Spurs made Jackson hit two free throws to seal the victory。   San Antonio's next opponent is the winner of the Grizzlies and Clippers。