If the Son Heung-Min Chinese born in his historical standing shoulder to shoulder Yao Ming do?

  Son Heung-Min scored again!Such reports and sigh, in the last two or three years, will from time to time struck a chord with Chinese fans。 How many Chinese fans could not help but issued a sigh, if the Son Heung-Min is the Chinese players, that national football……With nearly 1.4 billion people, China has been unable born out of a real can compete on a high level of the game's top players in Europe, which will undoubtedly become a pain all the Chinese fans。
After the national football again crashed out of World Cup, South Korea's lineup but more and more powerful, they even emerged array can ace player Son Heung-Min in the Premier League through the clutter, for a time, Chinese fans another burst of envy, jealousy and hatred。   So an interesting topic arises, and if Son Heung-Min is the Chinese players, he can go beyond the current status of Yao Ming, China's position in the history of sports do?  Yao Ming is competing for the same position of the first ace want to answer this question, we must first compare the achievements of Yao Ming and Son Heung-Min。 Basketball and football are the most popular sports in China, Yao Ming at the highest level of basketball the NBA, played over a wonderful performance。
Yao Ming in the NBA played a total of eight seasons, 2003–09 years and 6 consecutive seasons NBA All-Star, two-time NBA NBA Second array, the 3-time All-NBA Third team。
However, Yao Ming in the NBA has not got the perfect honor, the Rockets into the playoffs four times under his state of health, which crashed out of the first round three times, 08-09 season, the Rockets kill to the second round of the playoffs, the Lakers finally eliminate。   Overall, NBA Yao Ming effect of that era, in an era of big center gradually withered, and Yao itself is considered to be representative of the retro-center。
At that time, Yao Ming peak period could even contend position of the first center of a dispute Union。
But Yao was injured disease affects too severe, he pressed too hard early O'Neal, then nascent Howard closer to the first center throne。
Some people may say that Yao Ming each child can be in direct confrontation Howard, but this obviously can not be his strong point generally beyond Howard's argument。
  In any case, Yao Ming is his time, with position players can compete for the first。   Xing Min high starting point, more staying Son Heung-Min real claim to fame in international football, or after he joined Tottenham。
15-16 season, Son Heung-Min 40 appearances for the Spurs, scoring eight goals this season, he or conventional bench。
16-17 season, he played 47 times and scored 21 goals for Tottenham, became the main team。 So far this season, he played 44 times and scored 18 goals, still the team's main iron。
The last 4 games, but scored an amazing 7 goals。
  Son Heung-Min of the main identity, apparently full of gold。 Do not look at non-Premiership giants Tottenham team, but since the Son Heung-Min joined two seasons, all the way to their first championship, eventually won third place Premiership。 Last season, Tottenham is second in the Premier League。 So, Son Heung-Min can play on the main fighting force in such a powerful team, it is sufficient to explain his remarkable strength。
  However, at the same level position players, Son Heung-Min Yao Ming is clearly inferior position in the contemporary。
Son Heung-Min Department winger position, but today's star-studded football winger position, Azhar, Gelieziman, Bell, Sanchez, Marchal, who were both outstanding strength, Son Heung-Min's worth and they are not comparable。 Even very hard to say can drown out Son Heung-Min Stirling, Dembele et al.。 Therefore, from this perspective, Son Heung-Min did not yet have the strength in the leading venue in a unique position。
  People are looking forward to Chinese football first person one thing is for sure, if the Son Heung-Min is the Chinese people, then he certainly is now Chinese football first person in history, it is beyond doubt。 Throughout history, many people think Li Huitang is the first person of Chinese football history, but it should be noted that he was playing the age of the twenties and thirties, is not representative of the highest level of football in recent decades。
Then in recent decades, the most impressive people, I am afraid to count Sun Jihai, Fan Zhiyi, Hao Haidong and others, but their achievements, simply can not, and now 25-year-old Son Heung-Min comparison。
  We can say that Chinese people have been waiting for a football standard-bearer for decades, but unfortunately, as one of China's most popular soccer field two sports, there has been no kind of energy competitive in the international arena top players appear。
As the saying goes looking for the longer, the higher the value of people's desire。 It can be expected that if football can appear a shine in the Premier League La Liga platform for Chinese players, he will receive the attention and enjoy popularity, will also unprecedented。
This is, perhaps referring to the year of Liu Xiang。
In his competitive level of the peak period, he even China's national idol stage presence, because of his achievements is groundbreaking。
Therefore, if the Son Heung-Min level football players appear, it must also be a breakthrough achievement, he will inevitably become iconic presence。   General Comments on the foregoing analysis, Son Heung-Min Although it is already very good, but if he is Chinese players, Yao Ming and the ratio may be temporarily unable status。
At least, he is not the first person (Park Ji-Sung former) South Korean football field, football is not one of the top position with a few people, but Yao Ming is the first monument of Chinese basketball, and in the NBA compete for the same position over the first person to honor。 However, Son Heung-Min's advantage is that he is very young, he was 25 years old, still has unlimited possibilities。 In the future he can achieve what height, which is undoubtedly full of infinite possibilities。 And one thing is for sure, if that is the Son Heung-Min Chinese players, he now would be a breakthrough exist, not even temporarily than Yao Ming, but he can also enjoy extremely aloof reputation in sports。