Navel was actually a human body key points?(1)

  This is what we commonly known as the "eyes"。
We all know that the fetus in the mother's time, is connected by the umbilical cord to the placenta accepted nutrition of the mother, since ancient and modern, we are very focused maintenance Shenque, called Shenque as the body's "innate origin, pedicle of life."。  The efficacy and role of Shenque closely related to human life activities。
We know that the mother's placenta to the fetus is by breathing, is a naive first state interest。
After the baby out of body, i.e., cutting the umbilical cord, congenital apnea, pulmonary respiration begins the day after tomorrow。
The umbilical cord, placenta is tightly attached to the navel, there is no God Que, life would cease to exist。Once activated human fetal breathing function, it is like the human body to build up a health station and energy supply station, the body's blood Lotus will be automatically adjusted at any time, the body also healthy disease-free, youthful。
Often Shenque exercise, the body can infuriating filling, full of energy, energetic, psoas strong, ruddy, paying attention, light-weight sickness。And abdominal pain, bowel, edema, expansion, Xie Li prolapse, stroke off psychosis have a unique effect。
  One is health rub France: an empty stomach every night before going to bed, rub your hands, hands stacked on the lower left upper right, rub clockwise turn (opposite women), 360 at a time。  The second is gas gathering method: sitting, relaxing, micro eyes closed, with the right hand of God against Que idle, ideas, infuriating the universe gather energy to the navel to feel warm for the degree。
  The third law is intended to: relax, sit cross-legged, eyes closed, remove the distracting thoughts, ideas Note to God Que, every half hour, a long breath into the air pocket hole in the infuriating occur, then slowly start Breathing。
  The fourth is the finger in the eye, do not want any knead move, adjust according to the size of the force according to their level of comfort。
When pressed fair to refined gas, put their ideas focus on the navel, the number of their respiratory rate, 100 times is enough, once a day。