Althea open, bright sadness

I do not know when to open hibiscus flowers, flowering did not pay attention when it is too, withered under tacitly。Just remember, I left the full House of fragrance, bloom clusters of branches, illuminating as heavenly clouds。Since then, went their separate ways, already End of the World。    ——If silence June graduation season, floating flowers everywhere on campus, and seems to meet, like in farewell。Acacia Tree shade into green, planted cool。Fluffy pink flowers like dandelion stretch, soak up the sun, light dance in the wind。do you remember?When freshman military training, we sat together in the game acacia tree, and the first time I sang the song, and we wrote the words on the back of each other。    Strong light when the flowers, filled in the wind, bees and butterflies sneak。Willows walked the trail, there is a burst of fragrance hit, it is open Althea taste。    Hibiscus, Hibiscus, you write this, I know that eventually ended in a sad, melancholy, compassion。I can not do anything, because you pinned a lot, has lost a lot of。Because of you, there will be her memory。    College years, it should be the most brilliant bloom of youth, and with you the day, but it is the most beautiful flower in bloom。Transitions such as youth outside a bright dream, wake up time, exposure to dream, only to find, grow old youth night。We started to miss, began to nostalgia, began to cherish, but also real perceived all over, regardless happy happy happy, sad or lonely sad, can not come back。    People ah, always find the time in the warm memories, but also in the wake mottled tears, the original lost more。    Falling snow met in the winter, in the rain swirling in the separation of the rainy season, with street annihilation time in thoughts of the past。I have tried to take everything to retain, but also confirms everything is futile, not jump to the conclusion。    Fenxin was tangled thoughts can not sleep, thinking that as long as heart care to cherish, there will be a perfect ending。Eventually, all Strider Oh, the boundlessness of time, we have lost time。But this lament less, more grateful, perhaps after experiencing understand。Thank those who have been into the venue, and quietly leave my world。They fly like a willow end, lightweight but profound decorate the season belongs to the youth。All the thrilling joy and sadness will never get lost tempting, are grinding time, Yucheng fossils remain in the memories of the niches box, quietly collection。    Althea slightly unsteadily in the wind, and seems to talk, crying seems。You remember that time is stand under the flowers, sweet tearful smile。Happiness is always short, happiness is always full of regret。Years taught us to grow, to avoid later injured, but it also cuts us deeply。Like scars, had injured the deepest place, it has become the most strong。    A miss letterhead paper, with clouds breeze Piaoyuan。I also know that no match has been long and arduous journey of two distant heart of the street right close。It eventually will not break your heart impregnable city。When we really know how to care, to cherish, but found nothing catch。    If time can erase the sorrow, why tales of vicissitudes!    Night summer wind, cool earth。Qingming moonlight。Remember that often stand in the bedroom balcony, watching the full moon and missing, then quietly miss someone, feel the wind had memories of feeling, trying to make everything visible once。But only when the!    In the time between you and I drew a river, with the migration of the years, more and more wide。Until one day, you will eventually fade out of my sight, I forbear pain you will not see。Because only when you are not with me, I will have。    The elapsed time rush, Adventure million over mountains。Stay out of time, pick up a pen engraved under those fleeting flower of youth, you are still under the pen tip on the heart。Eyes closed, just like you would in front of Painting Yuli, shallow smile。In this connection, the time is faded remembrance, freeze-frame was once the face。It is allowed to wayward years, called youth。It was a sad and beautiful years, youth, had you been。    Not deliberately melt into sentimental, it is sentimental。Do not intend to write the text so pale and melancholy, people looked inexplicable sadness。    Youth season, will eventually leave, get, lost, separated, then the street, do not have to care too much。Like a treasure。Miss, but also met in another way; lost, there will be something else alternatives。If one thing is that we start about the best, then the development of things in itself has its own destiny, what the final outcome, but it is anticipated that we。Comfortable with good, not sad not happy。    When the youth away quietly passed away, I no longer have displacement, loss of sense。That in itself is passing, not a destination。    With these, write down the gratitude of youth, wrote nostalgia for hibiscus, write down your love, write down to meet friends。    Althea has opened, hibiscus and fall。    We move forward, treasure。