Naughty Senior: super market style switch weary!

From a technical point of view, last week stepped back 3260 points below the motherboard, GEM stepped back 1750 points or less, time-synchronous resonance line appears low, the market rebounded after the shock, weekly market finished lower this week, appeared high on the bit time-line point back pressure half weeks after the technical need to step back to digest, under the bearish news news gradually stepped back, then stepped back so, in fact, is relatively rational!For the motherboard, it stressed before, due to the motherboard as well as many individual stocks Budie space, so relatively little weak, but today stepped back a low area last week the formation of resonance, today lowest point of 3259 last week, the lowest point of 3254, at a relatively basic low effective support within the scope of the resonance!In contrast, the GEM 1750 points last week near the level and the time-line big time-line support low resonance, appeared this week, the weekly time-line high back pressure, so the normal digestion of inertia, stepped back on board lower circumferential region, but still only in the vicinity of the GEM 1780 points to support the effective!So, the GEM is to rebound, as long as the motherboard maintenance of stability in the short term can certainly outperform the GEM board!。