After the first batch of 00: Crazy Dream our "world" is coming to!

WASHINGTON client Beijing January 8 power (Yuan Xiu month) compared to previous years, the 2018 New Year's Day people feeling exceptionally。 After they had been all kinds of sound around 90 collective adult, born in 2000 "millennium babies" will gradually move towards the 18-year-old。 Bear children, brain damage, early maturity, which is a lot of people after 00 rigid "tags"。
But others say, 00 80,90 after rolling on the talents, skills。 As a new generation of the 21st century, 00, after they enjoyed a better than previous generations of material conditions and educational conditions, but also more diverse in personality。
After the reporter interviewed several 00 to see how they face the controversy, see the world and pursue their dreams。
Data for: 2017 college entrance examination every year, the first batch of 00 after the end of the entrance。 Wang Kang Mingshe after 00 students: after the first batch of 00 destined to be forgotten "Now the college is because kindergarten for a year, is this skip it。
"Chen was born in July 2000, less than 18 years old, but he is already a freshman Life Sciences of the Harbin Institute of Technology。
Because jumped level, whether it is junior high school, high school or university, Chen almost always the smallest class。
"There is a high school student in 2001, but most of them are around 98 years of birth。
"Chen told reporters BEIJING, but also because since childhood grew up with 90, 00 after he did not feel any different, and after 90。 Like Chen after 00 students in this country there are a lot of。 According to media reports, in August 2017, Tsinghua University ushered in after 00 428 students, the youngest only 13 years old。 Peking University in 2017 after 00 freshmen have 340, the smallest just turned 14 years of age。
China Agricultural University freshman ushered in after 00 259, representing% of the total number of newborn。 "After the first batch of 00 destined to be forgotten。 "Chen believes, was born around 2005 in order to represent a large 00 after, it was not typical。 He had a sister, not only children, but also from the junior high school, he began to live on campus, he said, his self-reliance has been good。
Data for: the end of the 2017 college entrance examination every year, after the first batch of 00 were out of the examination room。 Wang Kang Mingshe just a freshman, Chen thought it would be relaxed, but of course let him close call "tiring than high school."。
Final exams approaching, he threw himself into the review to go。
Learning gap, Chen like the songs, but different after 90 and grew up listening to Chinese songs, his songs are all in English in a single song, Taylor Swift, LadyGaga's, Louis von West is his favorite several singers, in mid-2017, light Taylor Swift songs he heard more than two thousand times。
After high school, Chen will be some small goals, but went to college, he said, life change too much, given the target is not good, and he did not want to pursue too。 "The ultimate goal is to able to live their own lives, and let parents feel that their kids did not raise white。
"Chen said,。 Data for: the 00 recruits dormitory。
Cold taken over after 00 Recruits: Barracks is a handsome place, "they thought we were very small, in fact, we have grown up。
"After a 00 recruits said so。 According to media reports, in September this year, the first batch of 00 after entering the barracks, such as Zhejiang Armed Police Corps will usher in more than 300 after 00 recruits, while more than 60 armed Frontier Corps recruits in Jiangsu Province, most of them after 00。 They are not only no longer a "primary", also began to carry guns defending the homeland。 Li Jiang said the army three years after the band after a group of 00 recruits, always feel not very young。
He said the past three years, their growth a lot in the army, some polished edges and corners, the burden is too heavy a lot。
Data for: Recruits are creeping forward。 China news agency reporters Zhang Tian and Fu She "We are after 00 or hardworking, able to accept new things, big things in front of me is not a thing。 "In the" Liberation Army Daily in an interview, "in, after a 00 recruits said their ability to adapt are good。
As for why choose the army, he admitted, because the barracks was a very handsome, full of blood pride of place, although very tired every day, but also very full very happy。 After 00 barracks will have to face many challenges, the first iteration chunks, field training camp for the first time, the first time throwing live ammunition, etc.。 Last month, the Liaoning People's Armed Police Corps has organized more than 4,000 recruits for a period of three days, hundreds of kilometers on foot camping trip zipper。 To recruits at minus 10 degrees in the environment, who are charged with backpacks, water bottles, and other weapons, marched more than 30 kilometers a day, but also carried out a number of training missions。 A squadron leader said, did not imagine the squeamish after 00, each of them eager to continue to challenge the veterans, to fight a compete。
Screenshot: Yan Ting Shao after 00 red dot award winners: the world is already approaching 00 after the "70 no sense of presence, sad reminders after 80, 90 after almost Pentium III, has been going to the world after 00。
"17-year-old Shao Yan Ting had said in an interview that, after 00 were coming。 Houshengkewei, Yan Ting Shao say this also emboldened, he is not only a 17-year-old high school student, is one of the world's three major design awards, winner of the red dot award, the red dot award is also the youngest ever winner。 He designed a small parts, called SmartHelix, namely ingenuity spiral, the placement of it in the paintings, paintings hang errors can solve troubles。 Yan Ting Shao had a habit of doing it manually, did Iron Man, also worked glowing ring。 In addition to the manual, he also likes to skateboard, play the guitar and so on, he said, the matter will be more time after school on interest。 Freshman in high school at the same table Yan Shao Ting went to France to attend the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Award, it gave him a lot of impact。
"He can do, why can not I。
"Shao Yan Ting then they decided to take a red dot award competition。 From the decision to submit entries to work, Shao Yan Ting took a half months, he put the red dot award in the past three years, winning entries are read again, but also to learn 3D modeling and rendering。
Video capture: inspiration Yan Shao-ting entries "this work comes from my own life。 "It also runs through Shao Yan Ting has been learning attitude – can effectively solve the small problems that exist in life, not dead reading。 Yan Ting Shao also has a twin brother, he called his brother will be "The Listener", both in learning, hobbies, thinking can be "seamless"。 "My mother always stressed that we have to self-reliance, to do their own, after 00 is very diverse, stable generation without prejudice, some of our dreams, some of the views of the world are very diverse。
"Shao Yan Ting has said。 Huang Yu Yang and Huang Zheng Yang photo。
Respondents for Figure 00 Houkesaier: From the anime also learn a lot Yan Shao-ting like the design and hand, and twin brothers from Qingdao Huang Yu Yang and Huang Zheng Yang is to role-play with great enthusiasm。 They were born in February 2000, just turned 18 years old next month, but has been in Qingdao Cos minor celebrity circles, in the second element in their names are in February and red flowers。
"The first game is played Paladin, it is like the inside of a sword, but because at that time no money, so the Internet to find some tutorials myself, then I wanted not to directly dressed as characters in the game。 "My brother Huang Yu Yang told reporters on BEIJING, he had a habit of watching anime, but only after do, this is called role-playing。 Huang Yu Yang Cosplay works。 Respondents for every human heart diagram has a hero dream, but the way to achieve vary。
Huang Yu Yang way it is done through role-playing, get dressed, get props, good makeup, he became the hero of his own favorite。
He said his favorite is the "Tomb notes" in the Zhang Qi Ling, it is a martial arts, mysterious powerful role。 Brother Huang Zheng Yang is different, he admits, like role playing is because they can make many like-minded friends。 He also likes the Fiat hatred of the heroes, but the most favorite character is "Tomb" in kind and gentle Wu evil。 Currently, two of them are in Qingdao a vocational school high school student, in addition to learning, almost all the time spent on role-playing。
They also set up a school animation community, only twenty people, but they all share a common love, to do with costumes, make-up school together, along with rehearsal stage。 Huang Zheng Yang Cosplay works。 Respondents for map graduating high school, they also intend to continue to do so loving。
Role playing is facing ought to say, they said do not agree, "from the animation, we also learned a lot, such as ability, responsibility, teamwork, etc.。
And the second element has developed into an industry with a relatively complete industrial chain of。
"They said, trying out the second element of cultural promotion, transfer more positive energy。
"After 00 more likely to accept something new, we have the pursuit of individuality, but in newer ideas and creativity, leading some of us may be more。 "When talking about the characteristics after 00, so his brother said。
(End) (on the respondents were asked, some people named herein pseudonym) Editor: Fan Fei。