Female house cold what to do, can warm house inventory of food

  Whenever their "relatives" to visit their own time, women really miserable, unfortunately, if he is still physical, more worse, people have every ache cold sweat。
Female house cold must pay attention to in their daily lives in their own conditioning, trip from clothing, to three meals a day, must take into account, or they are waiting for their unforgettable experience pain。 Well, the usual food, which is cold it can ease Palace?  Inventory can Nuangong food wolfberry wolfberry our more common health nutritious food, appropriate to eat some of our health is also very helpful, medlar while having a good tonic and therapeutic effects, but not all of them for taking。 Because of its warm body effect is quite strong, are fever, body inflammation, diarrhea, people better not to eat。   Angelica Angelica is more common in our blood and Qi traditional Chinese medicine, eat some proper conditioning can help us, often "go head blood, the final body and blood, expelling the final end, the body promoting blood circulation," saying, Angelica blood circulation, relieving pain, laxative effect。 Angelica is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine, known as "blood panacea"。 Commonly used in clinical treatment of female menstrual disease, such as dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, etc.。   Usually this can eat: angelica cut into thin slices, soaked in water or take 5-10 g when the tea boiler。 We can also add a small amount of Angelica in chicken, stew in。   Prune Prune which contain nutrients is very rich, eat some proper woman can ease cold house, dates and warm sweet, rich in protein, carbohydrates, organic acids, vitamin B and vitamin E, phosphorus, calcium, iron and other trace elements, as well as a variety of nutrients, with the effect of kidney and stomach。
And anti-aging, enhance the body's vitality and beauty are very helpful。 Prune so called "nutrition warehouse", regular consumption can help women qi and blood, to maintain the effectiveness of epithelial cells and tissues。 And can warm stomach, eyesight and blood circulation, detoxification benefits of water, is to moisturize the skin, black hair must share。
  Motherwort Motherwort often is called a woman's herb, motherwort appropriate to eat some great help to the health of female friends, there is blood to regulate menstruation, water swelling effect。 The main treatment of irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea。
  Usually this can eat: the motherwort 75 grams, jujube 6, 200 grams of lean meat into the pot, simmer switch to open water for 2 hours and salt, and can drink the。
  Donkey hide gelatin is also our more common form of food can help blood and Qi, a female friend health is very good, can promote blood red blood cell and hemoglobin, but also promote the absorption of calcium。
Used for the treatment of various bleeding or anemia。
  Who are able to eat this way: choose high-quality gelatin 1 g, after smashed into a large bowl and add two teaspoons rice wine, into the steamer and steam until all the gelatin melts, add a little brown sugar, until the sugar has dissolved a few drops of wine pan。   Longan cinnamon may also help women round the blood, alleviating women also have a good effect, the amount of iron per 100 grams of dried longan meat is about mg, in the fruit also is very rich in iron content, it can be used in therapeutic anemia, Usually soup, porridge appropriate。 But Longan belongs to warm food for pregnant women, not suitable for children。   1 How conditioning, diet conditioning TCM in traditional female body is yin, so do not Tanliang。 Even in the hot summer, women do not eat too much cold drinks, fruit and other cold things cold, remove the food from the refrigerator, the best place for some time to eat, the best eat some hot food before eating cold food "bottom"。
  Usually should eat more qi warm foods, such as walnuts, dates, peanuts, etc.。
You can also eat gelatin, antler and other blood after the end of menstruation, usually you can eat at Angelica ginger mutton soup conditioning。 Angelica 15-20 grams, lamb two 2, 4-5 ginger pieces, cooked soup meat。
  2, most of the women's movement can prevent the somewhat quiet and calm, easy to feel fatigue is excessive movement。
In fact, "moving the students Yang", cold body in particular need to improve physical fitness through exercise。
Brisk walking is the easiest way to walk, especially walking in the gravel road, can stimulate the foot of meridians and acupoints can clear the meridians, regulate the flow of qi and blood, improve blood circulation, so that the body warm。   3, moxa moxa This is a relatively simple way home, generally selected two points: the middle umbilicus inch direct sea air hole at the navel down the middle GUANYUAN at 3 inches。
Moxa smoked 30 minutes daily, long-term adherence can be effective, as well as another plant built agents, it can better lift。