Italian legend: I hope the other two Italian coach Conti marshal will do

  According target reported that former Italy international Nocerino hope to re-Conti Italy national team coach。 After missed this year's World Cup finals in Italy, the Italian Football Federation began handsome。
  2016 European Cup Conti led the Italian team to reach the quarter finals, he and Mancini and Ancelotti have become a popular candidate in either Italy coach。
  Nocerino said: "For Italy, for soccer in this country, I hope to be back Conti。 Mancini also possible that he has a very rich experience in international competition。 When he coached Inter Milan, he won a lot of。 He also intends to become national team coach。
Ancelotti also OK。
I hope that's next coach can produce between three coach, because they are very experienced。
I hope that Italy can win back the trust of everyone。 Italian football is very important, like a religion。 For me, there is no Italian World Cup World Cup can not be considered。
"Nocerino went on to say:" The Italian missed the World Cup was a disaster, is for the players, but also for Italy and football。 A lot of players are my friends。 Ventura is no competition experience coach。
Serie A and the Champions League is a completely different game。
Premier League and the Champions League is completely different。 Like the Champions League and continental competition, each team is very strong。
I remember when Italy won the World Cup in mid-2006, the players and the coach (Marcello Lippi) are very experienced。 Before he coached the national team, he has a wealth of competition experience。
"(From the Stanford football off)。