Vale CEO: United States set off a trade war will have a negative impact on world trade

  22, US time, the United States announced that based on the "301 investigation" As a result, China will import $ 60 billion of goods from large-scale high tariffs, including steel products。
  "Facts have proved that a trade war is never a good result。
"When Hua Ze For example, if the United States imposed tariffs on steel products imported from China, will directly lead to increased costs related products, thereby affecting the demand for iron and steel production enterprises, and ultimately put pressure on iron ore prices。
  Vale is the world's leading metals and minerals market value of the company, it is also the world's largest producer of iron ore。 As a mining giant business across five continents, Vale is the beneficiary of world free trade。 According to the company's earnings in mid-2017, its revenues reached $ billion last year, which contributed 59% of the Asian market, the European market contributed 16%。
  When Hua Ze further noted that international trade for the economic development of all countries, including China, Brazil, are very important, which will result in a trade war damage。
"I am very worried about radical measures for the United States to increase efforts to protect their own industries taken。