James 13 + 24 + 21 8 Knight comeback record third shot down Eagles 3-0

  Knight audience hit 21 three-pointers 39, LeBron – James had 24 points, 13 rebounds and eight assists, Carey – Owen went 4 5 three-pointers, 24 points, Kevin – Lufkin-thirds 5 throw the ball 12, 21 points and 15 rebounds, Tristan – Thompson 7 points and 13 rebounds。
Off the bench Channing – Frye 9 three-pointers shot 7, scored 27 points and 7 rebounds。
[] Eagles 0-3, facing elimination situation。
Al – Al Horford scored 24 points, Jeff – Teague 19 points and 14 assists, Paul – Paul Millsap 17 points and eight rebounds off the bench Kyle – Cole 18 points。 Eagles 34 three-pointers to vote 16。
  Hawks two straight sets away, returned home opener, they could play a more powerful become the focus of some。 After the opening, the Eagles confirmed that they have a stronger fighting spirit, caused great trouble to the Knights。
Eagles to a wave 6-3 start, but on the perimeter defense, the Hawks still powerless。 Knight on a half-court hit 18 three-pointers, the audience voted 24 in mind, setting an NBA record, although today is not so hot hand, but outside also have good performance, the first section of three-pointers 6 of 10 shots in , leading the Cavaliers to 31-28。   After the second half, the Cavaliers made 8-point advantage to 48-40。 Korver began to shout at the perimeter, within 2 minutes 22 seconds to vote in three-pointers in mind, his teammates Al Horford and Teague also have been hit, they hit a wave of 23-5 to 63-53 obtain 10 points advantage。
Knight hit rate has dropped, this section last 3 minutes and 24 seconds had two points, Jefferson hit the last ball of this section, the Cavaliers to 55-63 at a disadvantage。
  James first half scored 10 points, 11 shots Loew 4, 13 points。
In the previous playoffs, the Cavaliers mistakes well under control, but today mistakes 11 times halftime, the Eagles scored 15 points on turnovers。
  The third quarter and 3 minutes and 39 seconds, Seve Luosha-thirds vote, the Hawks lead to 86-77。
James strengthen the attack, continue to attack the basket, when there are seconds in this section, he grabbed the offensive rebound after the shooting, Knight only 85-89 behind to。
James then steals, but dribble out of bounds violation。
After the Knights defensive line, Horford alley-oop layup, the Hawks to 91-85 end of the first three quarters。   After the start of the fourth quarter, two-thirds war, in less than four minutes, the Cavaliers hit four three-pointers, hit two Hawks, after Frye and Michael Owen have third succeeded, the Knights only to 99- 101 behind。 James began to control the ball, this section there are 6 minutes and 59 seconds, he quickly after the break dunks succeeded, then he hit the third, the Cavaliers played 11-0 in the game there are 4 minutes 29 seconds to 110 -103 leader。   Knight firmly in control of the situation, Loew in the game 1 minute 36 seconds time and three hits, after which James throws a ball, they lead to 117-106 double-digit。 Eagles then unable to narrow the gap to nine points or less。 Competition also 30 seconds, James ball forward, was deliberately knocked off Teague, James could not income potential, will overwhelm a fan。 Teague eat a flagrant foul, James hit two free throws to end the game。