Vaginal dryness more vitamin B2 would like to have more vitamin B2 muscle

Vaginal dryness more vitamin B2!Some women have vaginal dryness stomach, which will have considerable impact sex between husband and wife, you know?It?Vaginal dryness more vitamin B2!Vaginal dryness more vitamin B2 lady had recently appeared inexplicable phenomenon of vaginal dryness, sexual difficulties that。 She went to the hospital gynecological examination, the doctor surprised to find she has more serious angular stomatitis, oral ulcers long treatment。 It is these secondary symptoms help doctors find out the real cause of her vaginal dryness, that is caused by lack of vitamin B2 in vivo。 After menopause, due to the decline of ovarian function or disappear, so that sex hormone levels were significantly lower, often vaginal dryness phenomenon。
However, the young women vaginal dryness, generally not because of sex hormone levels were significantly lower due, it may be because of a lack of vitamin B2。 Vitamin B2 is required for biological oxidation species in vivo。 Under normal circumstances, the body will lack of vitamin B2 angular cheilitis, blepharitis, conjunctivitis, cheilitis, glossitis, ear nasal dryness, dry skin, scaling and other symptoms。 In fact, vitamin B2 is also closely related to the quality of life。
Vaginal dryness more vitamin B2 when the body lacks vitamin B2, the mucosal layer in the body cavity will be a problem, causing mucosal lesions, resulting in mucosal cells metabolic disorders。 For injuries caused by female genital mutilation is more serious, the most typical symptoms such as vaginal wall drying, vaginal mucous membrane hyperemia, ulceration, direct impact on libido, resulting in loss of libido, sex, sexual discomfort。
First treatment is diet, eat more foods rich in vitamin B2 can, such as milk and dairy products, animal liver, egg yolk, eel, carrots, mushrooms, seaweed, celery, orange, tangerine, orange, etc.。
If symptoms are severe, time and amount of vitamin B2 can be tablets, three times daily 10 mg (2) to the withdrawal symptoms。