Common types of hot springs spa to enjoy with you

What are the common types of hot springs spa is one way that many urban men and women who are very fond of, I believe many people have tried, but there are still a lot of people to Hot Springs is not very understanding of it。
Following small for everyone to talk about what are the common types of hot springs, enjoy the spa with you!Common types of hot springs 1, intoxicating type: Beer SPA heard of chicken beer, beer fish should be a lot of people, but people who have heard of beer do not expect a lot SPA。 Czech domestic tachov regions have a company called "Huo Dova," the family winery in the local minor celebrity, in March last year, the brewery will be transformed into a wine cellar a few bath, launched ingenious beer SPA, customers can in the bath tub filled with beer, while enjoying a beer at the side of the bar ready。
The so-called beer bath, refers to the first yeast into the tub, add mineral water, and then further after the addition of crushed herbs and dried hops, then add the new brewing beer。 This beer contains a lot of protein and the bath is very beneficial regenerative cells。 Beer and carbon dioxide bath may also promote blood circulation, lower blood pressure, it is especially suitable for people who work with a chronic stress Japan。
Soak in a tub full of beer give people a feeling of contentment。
First of all, the pot will be distributed after the fermented malt flavor; In addition, when the brown liquid completely envelop the body, there will be a feeling of warm dense。
Customers need to pay attention to the bath, which is likely to make people drunk beer SPA。
Experts said: "Beer can treat a variety of especially skin problems。
For those tired of traditional SPA of men, the health center more attractive。
We are a comprehensive SPA beer hall, all beer therapy。 "Common types of hot springs Surprisingly, in addition to male customers, many female customers also patronize beer SPA, part of female customers and even mask made with hops attaining。 2, itch type: "kiss the fish" bath Location: Malaysia Features: dead skin cells selected local pink Garra who serve customers, this fish eats。 As long as the customer does not ticklish, you can wait for an hour, feel the fish bite the skin around the taste in a Reshuitang in。 These fish are biting can clean pores and reduce the appearance of skin problems such as a。