Conditioning stomach bloating stomach distress anti-coup

Fall tone stomach, can enhance gastrointestinal digestion and absorption of food, increase of sugar, protein, fat metabolism and to protect the liver detoxification。
Thus, parenteral keep a good physical health, prevent pain, stomach pain, prevention of chronic gastritis, dyspepsia, colitis, gastrointestinal neurosis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer and other gastrointestinal diseases habitual constipation。
1, standing work when ironing, cooking, flower arrangement and other standing work, may wish to open your legs, stand up straight, but also a workout。
In addition, when doing indoor cleaning work, if in the hands of just take a broom, mop or vacuum cleaner, do not just arm should move the whole body and into the action, so that the ankle, hip, knee and other moving together to follow up。 When you play the body to take things from a height, you can tiptoe, stretch the body as much as possible, in order to strengthen the thigh, leg and hip muscles。 Conditioning stomach bloating stomach distress anti-coup 2, try clearing heartbroken food law many people daily dietary fat and carbohydrate intake are being exceeded, every two months to pick a weekend fasting, let the stomach get rest。 During fasting yogurt and fruit and vegetable juice, you can add protein and vitamins, not only short-term fasting does not lead to nutritional imbalance, but also to bring the two weeks more balanced nutritional intake。 3, emphasis should pay more attention weekend breakfast breakfast。
do not eat breakfast。
As a result, lunch, dinner was doubled hungry, eat gobble, eating fast, it will stimulate the absorption。
A rich breakfast will help you in a day of food can force sparingly。 So, even on weekends because watching TV too late, get up late in the morning, but also eat a nutritious breakfast oh。