How middle-aged woman of the maintenance of the body?Anti-aging work should be done

  40-year-old female friend should be happy, because then their family and career are stable, but, with age, a lot of health problems but will follow, such as endocrine disorders, osteoporosis , cardiovascular disease, which makes female friends is very upset, what, how 40-year-old woman or a physician should we do we look at it with the following description。   40-year-old woman how to maintain the body (1), a calcium supplement 40-year-old woman to start a calcium supplement, in addition to usually pay attention to eat more foods containing calcium, but also intentional eating calcium daily, and more so that the face the following skin to the sun and more sun helps to absorb calcium。   (2), vitamin supplements?Vitamins?One is to keep the skin young female magic, when vitamin C ^ female body when sufficient, wrinkles, but also will produce, so this time the women should make full use of vitamins in fruits and vegetables?To make themselves even more young state。
  (3), estrogen replacement therapy 40-year-old woman to pay attention to estrogen replacement therapy, adequate estrogen can make women look younger, but with increasing age, the body's estrogen is constantly being lost, this time Women should pay attention to more than make skin more female hormones, like soybeans and soybean products it is rich in estrogen, and furthermore, if able to do so, taking royal jelly every day is a good choice。   (4), vitamin E-40-year-old woman should pay attention to vitamin E, vitamin fact, for?It should not unfamiliar, many pregnant women during pregnancy the doctor will be required to add such elements, vitamins è can not only protect the ovaries, delayed gonadal atrophy jaundice line, while eliminating free radicals, allowing the body from illness troubles, while improving women's immune function, so that women's bodies more healthy。
  (5), to recuperate their menstrual women to 40 years of age, their ovaries begin to slowly decline, then it will lead to imbalance, the most obvious change is menstruation, such as will appear menstruation, bleeding and other menstrual tone of symptoms, usually, this is the performance of early menopause, a lot of female friends when the menstrual cycle will be a long time before every visit once, usually menstrual cycle should be 20 – 30 days, and the interval of 40 days or even female friends may 2-3 months before to the first period, some even across longer period of time, and their blood will be reduced by。