Often angry, how much harm to the child?

We can get angry, but not angry。
Temper itself is a negative energy, this time our emotions are out of control, we are likely to do something he usually does not do。But anger is not the same, this is a basic human emotions。If a child does something wrong, we feel angry, and this time told him: "You do make me angry。
"This way, children will know that they are wrong to do so, the behavior may be corrected and convergence。When angry, our words for the children, is garbled when we dialogue with emotions and children, the kid roaring, the child's heart will feel sad, fear, helplessness, and even anger。
At this time, your child played a roar effect of punishment, the child will subconsciously think that they have to pay for the wrong committed, so the opportunity to correct the wrong move greatly reduced。Often angry, calm personality can not teach children a family environment for the child's behavior, it has a very large impact on character creation。Mother losing her temper, the child's personality may be like my mother, like the angry, quick rolling on the floor, throwing toys; There is also a possibility that the child would be more introverted depressed, reluctant to reveal their emotions in interpersonal which seemed more cautious, for fear of their own believe it will annoy others。
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