Allen shot back Hawks a 2-1 lead in extra time Long Duogong offer three pairs Celtics

  Ticker May 5, when added to the Celtics home 90-84 Lectra eagle, the first round with a 2-1 lead。   Rajon – Rondo suspended for one game after comeback, triple-double, 17 points, 14 rebounds and 12 assists, he also had four steals。
– Ray Allen also missed the first two games after the return, scored 13 points and six rebounds。   - Paul Pierce scored 21 points, Kevin – Garnett 20 points, 13 rebounds and four blocks。   Eagles lost beneath prevent。
Joe – Johnson had 29 points and eight rebounds, Jeff – Teague 23 points and six assists off the bench – Tracy McGrady had 12 points and nine rebounds。
  Londo since the second war in collision referee was suspended for one game, the game can only watch TV over the counter。
Rondo teammates to victory, when Garnett out of the channel, Rondo has been waiting a long time, send a warm embrace, thanks to the bravery of his teammates in his absence。   Paul Pierce contributed 36 points and 14 rebounds, becoming the biggest player。 In the case of missing two starters, the Celtics struggled to grab home-court advantage。 Rondo and Allen both back today, the Celtics resume full lineup。   Allen off the bench, but feel good, the first half 6 from 4, scored 8 points, 4 three-pointers, but the audience vote total loss。
  Celtics rely on tenacious defense to contend with the Eagles, more than half of the first section, Bradley-thirds vote, the Celtics to 13-11 beyond。
Hawks also at 8-2 after the score beyond。
This section last 3 minutes 11 seconds Eagle scoreless, Boston also only 2 points, after the first section, behind the Celtics 17-19。   McGrady eye-catching performance in the second quarter after the start。
This section going on for nearly three minutes later, McGrady turned over Pietrus, hands dunks, then he assists another occasion。
Also in the two goals, McGrady twice succeeded in Boston, one scored Hawks preganglionic 8 points 6 points, leading the Hawks to 27-22。 Since then the Hawks fell into the trap Celtics defense, this section last 2 minutes and 17 seconds Hawks scoreless Pierce scored four points, the Celtics played a 6-0 spurt, the first half to 40 38 beyond。
  In 2008 the two teams meet in the first round of the playoffs, the Celtics still an absolute advantage, but still pushed to seven games。
The passage of time, the Celtics did not have much advantage, the two sides compete for the more intense。   Londo use the victory to complete redemption。
But he lost all three shots in the first half, rely on free throws scored 2 points。
Section III he is still mediocre in the shooting, he had to constantly teammates。
4 minutes after the beginning of this section, Londo pass to Bass, who dunk 30 seconds later, he completed an alley-oop to Garnett, the Celtics lead to 48-42。 Rondo followed steals, but unfortunately his teammates mistakes。 6 points is the largest gap between the two teams this section, the Hawks fight back at Johnson led, soon the score beyond。 Londo This section concludes with a vote of no, the Celtics 60-58 in the final section。
  Londo vote with a pass, the Celtics 16-7 to start the fourth quarter rose wave, in one fell swoop to 76-65 to expand the advantage。
Teague succeeded twice in the basket, but Johnson then hit twice in third, the Hawks also a small climax 15-4, in this section have 1 minute 23 seconds tied the game 80-80。
  Celtic fourth quarter last four minutes without a point, double-digit advantage vanish。
Pierce's buzzer shot the last minute not, the two sides into extra time。   Rondo succeeded twice in extra time after the start, the Celtics 86-82 to gain advantage。 Since then prevent the Celtics in trouble again, failed to score in 2 minutes, the Eagles will narrow the gap to 2 points。
  Until seconds before the whistle, Garnett grabbed offensive rebounds, make deduction succeeded, the Celtics only scored again, re-made four-point advantage。
After Johnson's long shot not in the third, the Hawks had to foul, two free throws Allen。
  After McGrady not in the third, the Hawks powerless。