Game of Thrones watercress score first episode 9。8 five-star praise undisputed

Care deeply about power play finally aired this week updated the first episode of season 7, the ratings break 10 million, 97% Rotten Tomatoes, watch the amount of heavy brush, in season six premiere increase compared to nearly half of the audience。 Even years of Conservative watercress also soared to score points, five stars properly properly impress。 Rave reviews at the same time there are many Tucao。
Singer Ed Sheeran cameo in the play the role of a soldier's music department, as well as Aaliyah sang a campfire song。。。( "It'sanewone"), it may also imply that this is a new song now。 Friends have said that this second play。 "I love the show, it seems to me in no Sheeran will shoot better," said one viewer。 Never mind not grilled skewers, or a good drama。
Compared to see on TV Hiran, you do not want to see more different ghosts in the street。
Really, London winter has arrived, and now not a dragon crystal hands are afraid to go up。 This morning saw the way to work "from friends, 'I come to you,' This looks a bit different ghost lonely ah…Mr. different ghost of your army too?And a labyrinth of different ghost……So in a maze of wandering in the London Underground, they might be found north。
Far more than the ghost is different, the whole kingdom seven children in London ah!Winterfell underground tomb worship LyannaStark you want to go?Under this dome full of stones piled, if people must die, then people here will become the final resting place。 HighgateCemetery grave cemetery was completed in mid-1839, when encouraging people to move to private graves outside London, was originally operated by a private company, until mid-1970, the cemetery aging serious, was named 'HighgateCemetery friend' of people take care of until today。 King Avenue Yo Yo Luming, Siye of Ping。
Ancient woodland caribou and tweets Richmond Park is the city that leads into the monarchs of the King's Road, a disappeared is alive or dead, but your trip on the road to attract people rushed。 Sitting under trees to rest for a moment you may experience no flag Brotherhood of people at any time, or perhaps will be saved by a man named Stark。 Donne extremely dilapidated roads like 多恩汉普斯特德 wilderness of the Palazzo Vecchio。
The only difference is that it is located on a small hill, overlooks London。 There are many garden decoration, can once prosperous now been twisted vines occupation, as if the plants are vigorous struggle with time, he said if the red snake is not dead。
North This secluded garden is located destroyed StDunstan church ruins, leaving only a shell after the bombing of World War II。
Bare windows, lush weeds and ivy, quiet terrible。
There may be three crow family, or God's entrenched old tree。 Remember the Great Wall outside the cave Snow and Ygritte romantic yet?Chislehurst cave complex than sex, but also sexy。 Thirty meters underground is a man-made cave, during the First World War was used as ammunition depots and are used to grow mushrooms……World War II has become the UK's largest air-raid shelter when。
Today, many are treated as a historical drama filmed in, such as "Merlin"。 Baylor large church ha ha site of a large church Cersei has been blown up, you can only feel it once Temple Church of the grand。 Although it is the Temple of the Seven, the Temple Church's backing is not small, the Knights Templar was founded in the twelfth century, the official residence of the tall dome is like God, he is overlooking the Lannister family who were murdered who died。
Cold winter has been to, no matter can eat Ed Sheeran skewers, which can take you into the drama of the place is still very worthwhile to stroll around, self-proclaimed king。 (British circles) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。