France Tribute Idol "Elvis" Harry wearing died of lung cancer at the age of 74 years

December 7 electric rock music icon Johnny France – Harry wearing died at the age of 74 years。 Harry wearing death news is that either the fifth partner, the French model Wright Valencia released to AFP。 Harry wearing died in the Paris suburb of residence。 November 2016, doctors detected worn on the body of Harry lung cancer, breathing more difficult in recent months, are still concerts between June and July this year, when people can already see his situation is not optimistic。
That is also the last time he met with fans。
His life is full of stirring moments, career spanning more than 57 years, enduring songs are still loved and accompanied by several generations of French growth。
Johnny – Harry wearing 15 June 1943 was born in Belgium, the international media as the "French Elvis", sitting on the world sold over 100 million albums in his 40 gold records and 22 platinum records to stay to the world's strongest memory。
After the death of Harry wearing, French and international politics, culture and other people have been mourning, including singers Celine Dion, European Commission President Juncker and others have issued a document that shocked and saddened。
French President Make Long first time to react, saying "Each of us have been subjected to Johnny – Harry affect wear, and now the whole country in mourning."。
(Chinese battlefield in France) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。