Wang Yun Lantern Festival Lantern Festival customs methods

Wang Yun method Lantern, Lantern Festival customs。
Lantern Festival in China is a relatively grand festival, a lot of people want to get rich this year, will bring his whole family to pray。
So, what are the Lantern Festival Wang Yun way to do that?Here with a look Xiaobian。
How Lucky Wang Yun Lantern Festival Lantern Festival is a more important festival in the first month, this day is also called; Lantern Festival, how to do it in Feng Shui, you can make your own fortune better yet you can refer to the following method, make yourself Monkey better fortune and family。 Lantern Festival is the real power because it is in a new point in time, people take advantage of this special time stage to express their desire to live。 Pious pray first, fifteen is a good time to ask God to burn incense and pray to God this day do not forget to give yourself good luck。 If you have tablets for the home, then do not forget seek good luck。 As the saying goes; there has been seeking income, the heart and is very important。 Lantern Festival single friends conducive to more walking Lantern Festival Lantern Festival customs Wang Yun methods can enhance their emotional fortune, had this day is conducive to walking play, it is recommended otaku house women who participate in these activities to this day, more than you can walk flooding disaster for good fortune。 Lantern Festival have travel sickness, scattered all diseases, walking bridges, is a healthy activity misfortunes pray。 Lantern Festival Night Women Meet travel, go hand in hand, will see a bridge too, I thought that it would illnesses and sickness。 I guess you also want to see:。