Five signals should indicate when and sell stocks and funds

Tencent Securities News According to reports, the United States in the past nine years, the stock market has grown to a very large scale。
March 19, 2009, the benchmark Standard & Poor's 500 index fell 666 points, which is a magic number in the troubled stock market investors。 Fast forward to today, the S & P index close to 2666 points, which is an alarming increase。
Although the US economy is in good condition, the consumer confidence index rose sharply, but industry pundits views on whether the stock market will rise or fall of different, this does not mean that 2018 will be how market prospects。
On the surface of the current market environment it may seem good, but investors can not solely count on a portfolio, at least they should be wary of those stocks may reduce the portfolio's rate of return and。
When you hold the stock, high and low rise and fall rapidly changing market conditions, we need to guard against any possible potential danger signals。 The following are some of the potential danger signals that may ruin your investment in 2018: 1.Changes in investment theory of Arizona San Tan Valley (SanTanValley) Investment Company PacificLandfall chief investment officer Chance – Butler (ChanceButler) said: "Normally, when you buy a stock, you will be a special reason or because optimistic about the development trend of this company。 "Butler said:" For example, if you buy now (GE), you may argument is that General Electric CEO) – John Flannery (JohnFlannery) business strategy plan will lead to better within two years stock。 But investors need to closely track results。
If signs of improvement appear, I will sell stocks。 "2.Declining price momentum of Overland Park, Kansas-based consulting firm IntegrityAdvisoryGroup fund manager Matt – Ahrens (MattAhrens) said: "get rid of junk stocks never too late, because they can always refuse stocks continue to fall。
"If you are worried about the stock, look at the price of the company。
Ahrens said: "If the stock price is at a lower highs and lower lows, it is clearly in decline。
This does not mean that it is a garbage stock, it is still in a change in this trend, it may take time to reverse。
"A turnaround of the company usually takes 18 months to witness to their efforts, and starting to pay off。
3.The company's earnings missed the company's fundamentals and growth prospects is the main driving force for valuation,。 Ahrens said: "If a company for several quarters are not profitable, then you need to pay close attention to its development, particularly those concerned with the future plans of the company in the next earnings conference call。
Poor planning and declining revenue may indicate structural problems of the company, which may take a long time to resolve。
"If a company's shares fell more than average, it is very obvious。
"This is not necessarily a sell signal, but need to do this to keep cautious, especially if the sell-off phenomenon before or after the earnings announcement time。
"Ahrens says。 Do not panic, but pay attention to the other danger signals near Baltimore, Maryland, senior publishing analyst Jason AngelPublishing – Stuttgart Terman (JasonStutman) said: "The stock picking is entirely in order to find the gap between price and value。 Therefore, just because the stock price falls, it does not mean it's time to sell。 "Stuart Altman said:" In fact, this is usually a chance to buy more stock, because you still believe the company's products and leadership。 "Stuart Altman said:" When you cut the negative component of the portfolio, the more important is to look at the actual stock performance, not price performance。 For example, if the growth rate is slowing stock, or margins are tightening, these are danger signals。
At the same time, look at the company's income statement, balance sheet and pricing indicators。 Perhaps the company is a loss, it may be lack of liquidity, or the stock rose more than the growth rate。 "5.All areas of concern South Jordan, Utah (South Jordan) CowdellInvestments investment company registered financial planner Mark – test () said: "concerned about the performance of your portfolio。 When the overall market rose 20%, or your fund shares fell 1% to 5%, consider selling。 Most likely you met a bad fund or a charge exorbitant commission of bad fund managers。 "Test Dell also said:" In addition, the online query ranking of mutual funds to see how the fund is a measure of。 If your fund is low compared to other similar income fund, it's time to make appropriate adjustments。 Sell a stock or fund garbage never too late。