Big Three Pacers 4-2 victory over the Miami Heat 63 points for four consecutive years won the Eastern Conference champion

  Ticker May 31, home to the Miami Heat 117-92 victory over the Pacers, thus the total game 4-2 in the finals。
  Heat for four consecutive years won the Eastern Conference champion and Finals。
They hit rate%, LeBron – James 25 points and six assists, and Chris Bosh – 25 points and eight rebounds, Dwyane – Wade 13 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists, Rashard – Lewis 13 Minute。   Pacers once again stop in front of the finals。 – Paul George scored 29 points and eight rebounds, David – West 16 points, Lance – Stephenson 11 points, Roy Hibbert – 8 points and 4 rebounds。
  Heat fifth loss of the battle somewhat difficult to accept, because the best player James foul trouble most of the time sitting on the sidelines。
Despite this, the Pacers have to do anything, even with the ear hair Stephenson such a tactic James。
  Back home, I believe the Heat will not be so troubled, they do not want Big Sleep, "This is the sixth game, but for us, it is the seventh game of life and death battle," Bosh said。
  Surprisingly, the process of the game, the Heat defeated the opponent in the first half almost。 The first section played nearly 1 minute, Wade initiated the break got the rebound, the ball just thrown in the backcourt, the ball James layup, but received offensive rebounds, tipped in scoring。
It is only four points before the Heat scored 38 seconds, start Pacers 9-2。   Heat the "Big Three" has finally entered the state, after Wade Chris Bosh have been shot, in the first section there are 5 minutes and 43 seconds, James hit the basket strong, although the Pacers four shrinking defense, but he still layup James has since scored twice in the basket, the Heat completed a wave of attacks 11-0 to 13-9 exceeded。 Pacers trouble, without a point in this section last 3 minutes 16 seconds without a point, the Heat scored nine points, 24-13 to end the first section。   Walker does not play well, starts to develop in the field of action。 Section 8 minutes and 47 seconds there, after being steals, Stephenson angry, Cole palm strike to the face, the latter fell to the ground directly。
The referee blew a foul, Cole hit two free throws, Bosh thereafter layup, the Heat to 37-20 to expand the。 This section more than half, Wade hit the third, the Heat to 42-22 ahead 20 points, but the basketball gods have favored them, after which the front Bosh playing board actually hit third, widening the gap between the two sides。 At the end of the half, the Heat to 60-34 lead。   George hit two consecutive three-pointers, the Pacers after the third quarter began chasing the score 40-62, but Lewis also soon also to third, the Heat do not give opponents breathing space。
James Thereafter difficult fadeaway shot when the ball hit, people fell to the floor。
The basket twice succeeded Bosh, Wade hook shot, this section there are 7 minutes 35 seconds, the Heat to 75-45 lead with 30 points。
Lewis again after the third hit, the situation has been difficult to get the Pacers, they keep mistakes within five minutes failed to hit a ball, the Heat shot 11-1 to 86-49 ahead 37 points。
After three sessions, the two sides gap of 33 points, the Heat to 91-58 lead。
  Walker not to give up, when more than half of the fourth quarter, George hit consecutive one-third, chasing the score became 75-97。
Chalmers layup fired back, Shane once again hit the third, leading the Heat to a 104-75。 Walker had to disarm, and removed the George Hill et al.。 No suspense early victory, the Heat even put to Greg – Greg Oden。     (Angkor)。