Benefits of massage nose so that massage is more healthy

What are the benefits of massage nose can be said to be the most simple kind of health practices, I believe we are not familiar with it, while massage various body parts but also has different benefits Oh。
Benefits Following small for everyone to talk about what are the massage nose so that massage is more healthy!The benefits of massage nose weather gradually becomes dry up, people will feel the nose sing drying is not smooth, sometimes there will be bleeding at the slightest touch, the way the use of massage therapy in this case not only to promote mucosal secretion, keep the nose moist the nasal patency, but also to treat, prevent colds。
The nose is outside the orifices of the lung, a lot of evil and disease is the body through the nose and mouth into the。 If the massage nose while increasing the practice of pranayama, breathing deepened, become slow, softened, became homogeneous, to have a great role in promoting health。 First, the bridge of the nose, also known as Rouan Yamane Yamane。 The method of rubbing with the thumb and the index finger or middle finger gently pinching the bridge of the nose, to a slight sense of the degree of soreness, and then down gently about 15 repeat?20, bridge of the nose to the site, reddish, slightly the degree of heat, rubbing where there is Anshen role。 Second, pushing the nose rubbing nose massage benefits nose on the left hand middle finger, the middle finger on the right hand bridge of the nose, two middle doing push rub along the vertical sides of the nose, the bridge of the nose from the nose, and from about 20, the nose slight fever, redness degrees; then switch to hand opposite the thumb and middle finger, the other three fingers tilt, rubbing with the thumb and middle finger from the bridge of the nose to the nose portion, and then fragrant cave。 While pressing bilateral yingxiang with the middle finger and thumb fingertips, rub the side-by-side, to achieve a sense of soreness so far。
Third, the nose extrajudicial。