Morey flash in the pan!The third rocket was born 100% hit rate man of God

  Irresistible force, the Rockets today completed the season sweep of Minnesota, Minnesota 4 destroy the harvest, while 5-game winning streak, if not lost to the Raptors Rockets 17-game winning streak, the Rockets today just right to complete 23-game winning streak (the longest history of the Rockets 22-game winning streak)。
Rockets win today and then received a huge surprise, rocket Morey flash in the pan recycling Marksman, a cheap player the Rockets, the Rockets became the most recent game and the birth of the third man of God, a 100% hit rate。   Today, the Rockets 4th exterminate Minnesota, Harden continues to play the role of invincible leader, not only under the H-34 points and 12 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 steals and 1 blocks, also the last moment with 7 points, one strangling the Timberwolves counterattack dream。
Paul 18 points and eight rebounds and nine assists, Paul Harden outstanding performance for granted, another unknown superior Jones was even let the Houston Rockets fans happy。
  Gerald Green played 15 minutes, put on a good show today, 5 vote 5, including two three-pointers, hit rate of 100%, scored 12 points and 1 rebound, continue to play the role of Jones Marksman。
Gerald Green is the Celtics beat the Rockets in Morey, when suddenly a sign of Jones, joined the Rockets Gerald Green has long shine, when Morey took only 950,000 signing Green, called flash in the pan, and now once again serving with extraordinary Gerald Green, Daryl Morey flash in the pan recycling Marksman。
  The most frightening thing is that this is the Rockets' recent birth of the third game 100% hit rate man of God。
Rockets beat Spurs, Ba Mote 4 shots, the hit rate of 100% 9 points 3 rebounds 1 assists; Rockets beat Thunder, the Ba Mote 3 from 3, 100% hit rate of 11 points 3 rebounds and 2 assists; rocket playing jazz, Ba Mote 7 vote total 100% shooting, 17 points, 3 rebounds, 1 steal and 1 blocks。
Rockets beat the Bucks, Tucker 3 vote total 100% shooting, 9 points, 6 rebounds, 1 assist。 Green became the third in recent rocket 100% hit rate the game Marksman。
  Gerald Green, Ba Mote and Tucker, three people are good at one-third, Ba Mote and better at defending Tucker。 Rockets role players, at any time may appear magical performance 100% hit rate in the game, the Rockets this season, this is the most powerful place – not just to win according to Lai Hadeng and Paul, the other role players powerful, let it become more fearful of a new rocket。   (No headlines: Kang Yong brother watching basketball)。